Rare Wind Waker scroll

Discussion in 'Gaming News' started by donkeybrothers, Aug 10, 2017 at 4:03 AM.

  1. donkeybrothers

    donkeybrothers New Member

    There's a rare Wind Waker scroll listed on eBay at the moment.

    It is already over US$2000 and still has a few days to go.

    We also have an Ocarina of Time signed by Miyamoto.

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  2. simplyTravis

    simplyTravis "A nice guy, but looks like a f'n Jedi!"

    That sounds crazy. You got a link/pic for it?

    Also, welcome to TNE @donkeybrothers , if you need anything feel free to ask around. You can introduce yourself in the CT thread, also!
  3. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Necessary Evil Staff Member Moderator

  4. donkeybrothers

    donkeybrothers New Member

    Thanks, here's an easy link - ebay.com/itm/362059633892
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