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    First of all, excuse the thumbnails. The site is glitched and only lets me post thumbnails. The image URL feature is broken and only worked with one game.
    The GBA can technically render texture maps and polygons despite being closer to the SNES graphics wise. However, it can only be done via software rendering, and some games on this list like Doom II, Ecks vs. Sever, and Duke Advance use raycasting instead of polygons. While a lot of it looks rudimentary by today's standards, I think it's super cool. I'm not counting texture free 3D games like Star X, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, or Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge.

    Quake was supposed to come to the GBA apparently, as there was a tech demo by ACB Games for their C2 engine. Unfortunately, it never came to be. More homebrewed tech demos on the BlueRoses Engine by Raylight Studios never came to fruition either. The engine was used to make Smashing Drive for the GBA though, which ironically was way better than its console counterparts.

    007: Nightfire came to the GBA as a full first person shooter, complete with actual polygonal characters, unlike Duke Advance. While the controls are off, as well as the framerate, the game faithfully recreates most of the levels from the console releases.

    Top Gear Rally is probably the closest thing to a sim racer on a Nintendo system to this day. Unlike other 3D GBA racers such as Thunder Ridge Riders (a game constructed with voxels), it actually controls quite well.

    With a wide variety of missions, locations, good controls, and two player co-op, this is another standout 3D GBA game.

    The sad part about the fact that this version is censored is that it's the only legit way to play Doom 2 on a Nintendo system. With that being said, the detail is pretty decent. The game was done by Torus with their Southpaw Engine. Unlike Doom 1 on the GBA, which was done by one person, this port is very similar to the other versions. However, some sacrifices were made. Enemy AI can shut off at times, and the Industrial Zone and Chasm are split into two levels to avoid memory constraints. The game appears to run with v-sync and a cap at 60 FPS. However, the game only really goes above 30 when you're staring at walls. During firefights, the game drops well below 30 FPS.
    However, there is a mod to uncensor the game and restore red blood, as well as the gruesome imagery. It also tweaks the IQ. Unfortunately, it doesn't restore gibbing since the lack of it is coded to the metal. Fucking Nintendo.

    Super Monkey Ball Jr. is probably the best portable rendition of this series and about as good of a translation as you're going to get. There's even a cheat to lower the resolution to boost the framerate, long before games like Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PS4 Pro allowed players to choose.

    First of all, don't listen to the 56 Metacritic score. Considering this is a fanmade Amiga and Mac OS game downported to the GBA with some truly fantastic visuals, it's definitely worth picking up. I played the phone version years ago and found the camera controls to be terrible (you tilt you phone), but with a d-pad, it just works. The intro even uses an AVI movie, pushing the system to its limits. It's much better than Grand Theft Auto Advance by far, and deserves honorable mention as one of the few M rated GBA titles.

    Dark Arena, rather than pushing the GBA to its limits, instead prioritizes a buttery smooth framerate and good controls. The result is, despite what reviewers say, one of my favorite GBA shooters. Some of the map designers post on Doomworld by the way.

    Another David A. Palmer production. Notable for the Doom port, this same developer successfully recreated Tokyo Xtreme Racer on the Dreamcast for the GBA. The handling model, unlike Street Racing Syndicate, is playable, and a lot of fun. The draw distance isn't very good, but the detail makes up for it.

    Considering Wing Commander has always been a benchmark for PCs back in the day, the attempt to port this over and do it right is commendable. I haven't played it yet, but based on what I've seen, they did a helluva job.

    So fun fact: this game was loosely based on the script for one of the worst movies ever made, and actually came out before the movie. Yet it's probably the best GBA shooter. The framerate is flawless, animations are smooth (check out the pistol shooting animation to see what I mean), and the levels are tightly designed. The sequel is more technically impressive, but suffers from poor framerates and frustrating level design.

    Being the first GBA shooter with a jump button, it also features a stable framerate and good level design. It's a shame it's only rated T despite being a Duke game though. Though I guess having it M rated would send it out to die on the platform considering the target audience of the platform.

    Also worth mentioning as a pure tech demo is Ice Nine. It also has decent controls and a good framerate. However, it suffers from frustrating level designs and objectives. There are more games, but there's a max of 10 uploads and most of the games aren't very good.
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    Do you want us to find/share more games that used this kind of tech, or talk about the ones already mentioned? The thread is a bit vague in that regard.
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    Both idk.

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    Unfortunately, I don't have anything I can really offer. I never actually realized any of the GBA's games were 3D modeled, so it goes without saying that I don't know of any games that you have not already listed that do the same. It is interesting however, and it makes me wonder what other kind of games we could have gotten on the GBA if/when it was pushed to its limits.
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    I saw your posts about voxels, and I want to point out a game called Thunder Ridge Riders. It's a crap game, but it's voxelized.

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    That RE2 video shows graphics that looks like PS1.
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    Straight Right was the dev that handled Mass Effect 3 on Wii U, not Torus.

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    I thought they went on to become Straight Right.

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