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Discussion in 'Community Hang-Out' started by mattavelle1, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    my buddy told me as a whole it is better than Luke Cage, but if Luke Cage had ended with its first villain, Luke Cage would have bested it... I am 6 episodes in, it is getting a little better
  2. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    To be honest I liked the last half of Luke Cage better than the first. Even though the villains were uninteresting compared to the villains of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the character development got pretty good.

    As for Iron Fist, I'm up to episode 9 and it still sucks ass. This show has almost nothing. It doesn't have an appealing presentation, it doesn't have interesting villains, the character development is often jarring and nonsensical, and I still have no idea what any of these characters' motivations are. The only good parts of this show so far have been the conversations between Joy and Ward, and the solo scenes with Colleen. Those are the only times where I've felt like the show is doing anything interesting or moving in any direction.
  3. DarkDepths

    DarkDepths Your friendly neighbourhood robot overlord

    Uh... which one? Is it Tuesday?
  4. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    Damn, Iron Fist sucked so much.

    Edit: I decided to do a little rating:
    Villains: Daredevil 1 > Daredevil 2 > Jessica Jones > Luke Cage > Iron Fist
    Protagonists: Jessica Jones > Luke Cage > Daredevil S01/S02 > Iron Fist
    Style (presentation hook): Luke Cage > Jessica Jones > Daredevil S01/S02 > Iron Fist
    Plot: Daredevil S01 > Jessica Jones > Daredevil S02 > Luke Cage > Iron Fist
    Character Development: Luke Cage > everything else
    Heart to Heart Convos: Iron Fist > everything else
    Plot Twists: trash > the entire MCU's plot twists.
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  5. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

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  6. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    Only 6 episodes in... But I don't think it is horrible... Definitely flawed, definitely dumb... But nowhere near as dumb as the DC shows... Some character actions make no sense and Can't is like a 7 year old in an adults body... Remind me if my nephew showing me his transformers as he transforms them over and over and explains tiny unimportant details about them with excitement and zeal
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  7. Socar

    Socar Active Member

    I don't understand why people complain about specific platform games being too an avid platform gamer myself, Platform games have always had the easy difficulty curve from the start till the get go and that is as long as you plan to just beat the main game without 100% them.

    Mario games are very...very easy and the same goes for Sonic too but what makes them challenging is 100% the games. If you want platform games to have any challenge, do 100% of them otherwise, don't expect them to have any challenge if you are just going to beat the main game because you'll be disappointed that the game wasn't challenging at all.

    And before anybody says Super Meat Boy, buddy, you only need to play specific levels and you can skip levels and play the ones that you like. rinse and repeat and you can easily beat the main game. Of course I haven't done so because I found the game boring honestly.
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  8. Socar

    Socar Active Member

    This coming Tuesday?
  9. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    We're 4 episodes in, and yes, it's definitely better than any DC show on tv. I grew up watching Tom Pelphrey (Ward) on Guiding Light, so it's nice to see him in something else. And I watched Joy for years on 90210.

    Show definitely has flaws, but it's entertaining so far. Not boring. Hasn't yet made me want to gouge my eyes out like the flashbacks on "Arrow".
  10. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    My main problem with the DC shows on the CW is that they're on the CW, so they're all CW'd up the ass and filled with at least 10 minutes of cringe per episode. Of course, shows don't have to be on the CW to get that cringe quota, as the Americans past season 1 just became unbearable to watch, imo.

    Frankly all the cringe I saw in American TV shows is why I don't really watch TV anymore.

  11. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    The only DC CW show I watch is the Flash. It fully embraces its silliness and so do I, so we understand each other well enough. I have absolutely zero interest in watching the Arrow, Supergirl, or Legends of Tomorrow.

    But see that's why I can't get down with Iron Fist. The Flash embraces its sci-fi techno-babble silliness, Luke Cage embraces decades of black american culture, Daredevil embraces the edge, but I didn't feel like Iron Fist embraced anything. It could have embraced the capitalism-is-evil themes like the first few episodes pretend, or it could have gone full Ip Man/Enter the Dragon/Wuxia and made sure it had well-choreographed, creative fight scenes. But other than the drunken-style fight (which had no purpose in advancing the story or developing any character), the only parts of the show that felt like everyone tried their best on were the cute little heart-to-hearts between Joy and Ward, and Colleen's solo scenes.

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  12. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    I still enjoy Gotham. Still waiting for them to kill off Bruce already.
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  13. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    Well, I now own all 5 Breath of the Wild amiibo.

    So that's a thing.



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  14. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 Fly to the treasure chest and back Staff Member Moderator

    Amiibola :mcry:
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  15. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    Yeah...also got Megaman, Falco, and Lucina.

  16. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    here is the thing with the flash... it goes SUPER dumb, like want to smash your own face into a wall dumb... like when captain cold avoided lazer trip wires by freezing them, and then shattering them...

    beyond the stupidity their also the issue of forced chemistry between certain characters that often just does not work (worse on arrow), and, of course, the unnecessary complications for the purpose of angst

    arrow is the worst of the dc shows... but it used to be the best... season 2 of arrow was phenomenal... season 3 started strong... then crapped all over itself... the biggest issue with Arrow is the need to make Felicity the most important character, while also making her more and more irrational and hate inspiring.

    8 episodes in on iron fist now... and I get that it isn't good, I just don't understand the AMOUNT of hate... it definitely doesn't deserve a 14% on RT

    here is the thing with Iron Fist...

    I was sooooooo excited for this over all of the others, but then all of the political BS came in about him being played by a white guy.... which is just silly when the character is white in the comics, and the whole dichotomy of old wealth and impoverished lessons wouldn't work as well of rand was changed into an asian... and also, y'know, the simple fact that by making this one marvel character asian instead of white, you know, the character who is all into kung fu, you create a whole other racist scenario...

    after that they announced the Showrunner for Iron Fist, and it was the guy who handled the later (horrible) seasons of Dexter... so my concerns kicked in.... but they lessened because Marvel hired the same guy to do inhumans, and the trailers ended up looking good...

    I am DEFINITELY disappointed with iron fist, but I am enjoying it more than any of the dc shows...

    but the flaws are super apparent, and now I have big concerns about Inhumans... which I was just starting to get super hyped for...

    my main issues with iron fist so far:
    1. action is not nearly as cool as it should have been
    2. Ward isn't given enough time to be sympathetic... I loved the Actor on Banshee, but he was just an annoying dick through this.. they hinted that he could be sympathetic, but never really delivered.
    3. Harold is just cartoonish, from the way he treats his assistant, to his sudden changes in temperament
    4. Danny is like an autistic child... not like an autistic man who can act childish, but like an autistic 8 year old that just doesn't udnerstand the world at all... he is suppsoed to be a bit of a smartass, he has a little spidermen dna in him, he cracks wise and has some swagar... they didn't go that way at all
    5. The hand is undercooked.. this is not just an iron fist issue, it was the worst part of daredevil season 2 as well
    6. there is this strange disparity between people accepting that stuff like the Hulk is real, and their complete unwillingness to accept the possibility of an evil ninja organization... this has been in all of the marvel shows to some extent but is worst here.

    if I had to give a metacritic adaptable review for the first 8 episodes of the series it would be like a 70

    I would say Luke Cage was like an 85, until they ruined cottonmouth, and then killed him off to replace him with a MUCH worse villain... then it would average out to like a 70 as well

    Jessica Jones was like a 90 until it just simply ran too many episodes.. then it finished at like an 85

    daredevil season 1 was like about an 80 overall.... while season 2 started as an 85 and ended as a 75

    so basically Iron Fist may very well be the worst of the 4 for me already, but not far behind cage

    all of the series need to be shorter... Daredevil would have killed its first season at 10 episodes, Jessica Jones would have killed at around that as well, Daredevil season 2 could have been really sharp if they re-organized the whole thing at about 8 episodes, while Luke Cage could have been super tight between 6 and 8.... can't say on iron Fist yet, but 8 episodes in, it feels like ti should have been maybe 5 episodes so far...

    thankfully Defenders is going to only be like 8

    if you want a REALLY good comic book show right now watch Legion.... it is the best comic book show outside of maybe Preacher, MAYBE

    recent shows for me that are killing it

    Legion - already stated
    Taboo - so so so good, tom hardy kills it as a heart of darkness-like character
    The Magicians - not as good as season 1, lacking a bit of focus, but a fantastic balance of drama, whimsy, and comedy
    Planet Earth 2 - fantastic
    Making History - hilarious
    Lethal Weapon - surprisingly good

    but man April is going to kill it

    Saturday, April 1st, 2017
    Attack on Titan – Funimation - season 2, f' yeah

    Monday, April 10th, 2017
    Better Call Saul – AMC - gus fring is back

    Saturday, April 15th, 2017
    Class – BBC America - awesome looking doctor who spin-off
    Doctor Who – BBC America - the doctor, nuff said

    Sunday, April 16th, 2017
    The Leftovers – HBO - serviceable first season, astounding second, final season coming
    The White Princess – Starz - really itneresting telling of the war of the roses

    Wednesday, April 19th, 2017
    Fargo – FX - season 2 was better than season 1, season 3 looks great

    Sunday, April 23rd, 2017
    Silicon Valley – HBO - always hillarious

    Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
    The Handmaids Tale – Hulu - crazy f'n book to adapt

    Sunday, April 30th, 2017
    American Gods – Starz - BRYAN FULLER's (Hannibal) next show... based on the book by Neil Gaiman (sandman), starring Ian McShane (Deadwood), Peter Stormare (VW oh snap guy), Gillian Anderson (The X Files), Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies), Jeremy Davies (LOST), and f'n Crispin Glover (Back to the Future)

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  17. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    Oh the Flash is the dumbest show I've ever liked, for sure. About 80% of every episode is filler, and I hate all the random silver age villains that keep popping up every other episode. But I enjoy the characters during the episodes that matter, and like I said, the sci-fi techno-babble. Still, I know fully well that I'm watching a B-tier show when I'm watching that. With Netflix MCU shows, I'm expecting A-tier everything, and though Daredevil and such haven't been fantastic, they were definitely worth watching overall. With Iron Fist, it's not that I hate it, it's that I feel that it was so mediocre that I didn't gain anything from watching it.

    Regarding your concerns with Iron Fist: it gets better...and worse. Right now I'm cleansing my palate with Mr Robot season 2 (no spoilers). It's so damn good.
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  18. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    Some people hated the second season of mr Robot... I loved it, then Again I adore it when shows get dark and esoteric... The more confusing the better lol... Same reason that Legion is so good
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  19. Shoulder

    Shoulder Beardy McShoulder chippin' In...

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  20. Shoulder

    Shoulder Beardy McShoulder chippin' In...

    And before you ask, I'm going to this, and you guys should too.

    Specifically, going to the one in Milwaukee, WI in December, and I did not hesitate to order me some tickets. I'm not passing this up.
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  21. BobSilencieux

    BobSilencieux Well-Known Member

    I've been, last October.
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  22. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

  23. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator


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  24. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    I remember some sound clip made from a game's sound settings that was hilarious, it was a fighting game, and they used the sound to make things super pornographic... one of the characters was scottish and had lines like "ya pig" and "oh you like that?"... and I think it ended with a rooster sound or something else inappropriate... I think it was made by IGN or something ... like way way way back in the day
  25. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    As Menashe said, those weapons can be a pain in the neck and an unnecessary annoyance for the entire gameplay of Zelda. What Menashe said is something I've been reading out there as a "problem".

    And yeah, it's not a design flaw. In Fire Emblem your weapons break too, for example. The detractors of this mechanic in Zelda say that it makes the battle a lot worse and it doesn't let you focus on a build or a tactic based on a single type of weapon.

    However, the video you shared changed a lot the way I was seeing it. Your points, and the video's, make a lot of good aspects about it clear for me now. I couldn't find any of them in other arguments pro weapon fragility but things like "it's no biggie, you get used to".

    The idea that it makes every foe encounter unique is really interesting. You can kill the same type of enemy in many ways and you're forced to based on what you have available, and working out the situation with whatever you have is the point of surviving in Hyrule now.
  26. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Necessary Evil Staff Member Moderator

    Last night I beat up some Bokoblins in BotW where my spear broke on the first enemy as I defeated it, so I picked up the bat on the ground and used it (instead of putting wear on my good stuff). When it broke on the next Boko, I used the next weapon on the ground. Felt good, man.

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  27. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    so there are a few key points in this to remember

    1. there are many different weapon type, and they all control differently
    2. there are also different weapon materials, like wood and metal, any wood weapon can catch fire, and any metal weapon can attract electricity
    3. when a weapon breaks it doesn't switch you to another, but this is a good thing as you can just go to a weapon on the field and hit a and you are using it...
    4. the reason fragility doesn't matter, and the reason people get used to it is because weapons are not at all hard to come by... they are fucking everywhere, every weapon in use can be used by you... so if an enemy has a weapon you can take it... it isn't loot drop, but an active item in the moment... most enemies don't even start with weapons, they will be sitting by a camp fire with weapons near by... when they see you, they walk over and pick up their weapons... you can take their weapons before they even see you if you are stealthy and then they have nothing to attack you with... also if you hit them with a knock down blow they will almost certainly drop their weapon, and you can snag it up before they can..... when a weapon breaks you are more likely to do more damage on that strike AND more likely to do a knock down blow... meaning in most cases you can just tape a once and grab their weapon right after losing yours... so you pretty much never feel like you are without a weapon...
    5. in addition to enemies having weapons you can take, their are weapons in chests, there are weapons just lying around, in the ground, their are swords in the hands of statues you can yank out with your magnetic power, you can knock off a tree branch and use that... in villages and at horse stables there are hammers, torches, pitch forks, and hoes just lyign around where you would expect them to be... you can use those as weapons too... even soup ladles, and you can use pot lids as shields... the same goes for arrows, if you have a shield and raise it up and get like 5 arrow shots in your shield, then put the shield away you gain all of those arrows... if the arrow misses you it is on the field, or stuck in a tree, all of which can be recovered by you.
    6. not only are weapons everywhere, but later in the game you can make special weapons too... and obtain weapons that will either not break (though they run out of energy and have to replenish), or which are reparable...

    I remember the first time I got a fire sword, I was so sad when it broke... but I have found like 5 more since... and it is kind of good that they aren't invulnerable or common as it feels special when you get one

    I think most players are mildly annoyed by the weapon fragility at first... until you understand its purpose... as I said havign a fire sword would grow old if you ALWAYS had it.. but coming across one is awesome... in the meantime you can light any club on fire and get a similar result anyways

    ancient weapons are really cool too, and I hated breaking those... but you can make those, and you can find them by going into shrines again and killing the mini guardians

    that is the thing.. weapon fragility is not a flaw.. it is a feature... and just as with any feature not everyone will be happy, but if you ahve an open mind it is an AWESOME feature... it is fun switching weapons on the fly... as ET said, it just feels cool to break a broadsword over a moblin's head sending him flying, then grab his club and finish the job, turn around as a skeleton lizard guy just barely misses you, beat him with the club, then throw the club at him for extra damage and pick up his arm and use that as a weapon against another foe, then sling his still moving arm across your is your new broadsword... walk another 10 feet and their is a rusty broadsword embedded in the ground, yank it out and you are back to a broadsword... no fuss, no muss

    but youa ren't even limtied to melee weapons.. arrows are more useful than ever before, and you can kill enemies with physics too... you could just dodge them and let them die if they are using metal weapons in a thunderstorm... or you can use magnesis to pick up a chunk of metal and drop it on their head... you can roll boulders into their camp... and run them over... it is just endless even without equipping a new weapon, you are never defenseless

    and the constant cycling of weapons makes the world feel real... it makes everything seem to have a purpose or use... but much of that would go unnoticed if your weapons didn't break
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  28. Socar

    Socar Active Member

    Can anyone here guess what today is?:mlaugh:
  29. simplyTravis

    simplyTravis "A nice guy, but looks like a f'n Jedi!"

    Your birthday?
  30. Socar

    Socar Active Member

    :msad: could you guys not know that?!?

    oh well...atleast you guessed it right.
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  31. simplyTravis

    simplyTravis "A nice guy, but looks like a f'n Jedi!"

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  32. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

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  33. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 Fly to the treasure chest and back Staff Member Moderator

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  34. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Necessary Evil Staff Member Moderator

    Happy birthday, dude. Hopefully no clowns are involved.

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  35. Socar

    Socar Active Member, I'm so happy all of a sudden!

    Too bad that it won't last long though. Still, its worth it!
  36. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I see. I had read that it was only for NY. :)
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  37. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    Anyway, after you all had a good amount of BotW playtime, where do you think it is in the timeline?
  38. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    The way I had got it was the "swing your sword 5 times and it'll break" and "the annoyance of having to fight using something else in the middle of the battle".

    But the way you describe, it really sounds brilliant. It's sounds like a system of battle without no boundaries where you can use whatever tactic you want or wish with whatever you have in your hands but all working smoothly. If you can do some of what you're saying to the bosses too, it might be even more incredible. Can you?

    A Zelda review written by you would be great. Your description of the weapon system are far better than any 10/10 reviews I had read.
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  39. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    There are references and easter eggs to all timelines. I think child timeline but the one Nintendo will put it in is up in the air.

    Who knows, perhaps in 5 years time they'll publish another fan book that'll take liberties and say BotW was just Link having a nightmare or something.
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  40. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    I haven't taken a weapon from a boss mid might... though I remember there was a boss in skyward sword that you could do that against... so who knows

    the weapon fragility IS kind of ridiculous at the beginning of the game, but that is because it is teaching you the system... the whole great plateau is basically a tutorial... a really open tutorial
  41. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    happy birthday Socar
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  42. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Necessary Evil Staff Member Moderator

    So I was thinking earlier today (which is never a good idea)...

    Nintendo has probably made the action/adventure game of the year with Breath of the Wild.

    They'll make platformer of the year with Mario Odyssey.

    It's possible they'll make the shooter of the year with Splatoon 2.

    Although unlikely, it's conceivable that Xenoblade 2 makes it out this year, at least in Japan, for RPG of the year consideration.

    It'll be stiffer competition with RPGs (Persona 5 comes out in a few days), but it's conceivable that Nintendo will have the game of the year in nearly every major* category.

    That is absolutely fucking bonkers.

    (*Excluding sports and racing, as that's usually a yearly incremental update.)
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  43. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    NOE and UK reiterated a 2017 release just yesterday.
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  44. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    I refuse to believe that until it is in my hands
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  45. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    finished Iron Fist... it is WAY better than early critics lead us to believe IMO

    that being said it is probably the worst of the netflix marvel shows... though luke cage is in contention for that title too

    - pacing AGAIN... every marvel netflix show
    - Danny Rand as a character, he isn't developed well, and is inconsistent, he ranges from absurdly stupid, to childish, to cartoonish
    - Harold... super cartoonish villain
    - Ward... they lean way far into the whole mustache twirling villain tropes with him at the beginning, they deepen him later... but he is handled badly
    - Joy... starts off very good but then becomes inconsistent, and in the end she is a mess.
    - "sweet Christmas" first time Claire said it, it was cute, but then it just got annoying like an over-exaggerated wink and nod "hey, remember my horrible no chemistry appearance and relationship in and with Luke Cage?"
    - fight scenes... they varied, some were interesting, but it was weak overall, with only a few done well... I liked what they were trying to do, but they usually just came out okay... certainly not up to snuff with Daredevil

    - best opening sequence of all the shows
    - when they did the relationships right (not often) it really worked, the chemistry is there, they just didn't do it well
    - iron fist effect... simple but really cool looking
    - the use of the hand... they fit in better than they did in daredevil, and you really get to meet some of them, where they just seemed so opaque in daredevil
    - colleen wing, she worked great

    I'll be discussing it on my podcast this week (100th episode)

    if anyone wants to ask a question for us on the podcast, or make a statement for us to read about your impressions then PM them to me

    I'd love to read some letters on the podcast
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  46. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Necessary Evil Staff Member Moderator


    I'd love to be proven wrong. Monolith did say that they had started final-stage work (which I'd assume was debugging/art clean-up/etc.) on XCX all the way back in November 2014. With Xenoblade 2 prep in early 2015, full-on development in mid-2015, all of 2016, and most of 2017...yeah, it could happen.
  47. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

  48. simplyTravis

    simplyTravis "A nice guy, but looks like a f'n Jedi!"

    If....IF...Nintendo pulls Xenoblade 2 off before 2017, I think I can safely say this may be my favorite year in gaming.

    That is a hell of a lot to say because I was gaming in 96 and 97 when Mario 64, Pilotwings, Wave Race, Mario Kart, Turok, Blast Corps, Star Fox, and Goldeneye came out in a short time period.
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  49. Socar

    Socar Active Member

    If you ask me, besides Fire Emblem and Xenoblade and I guess Zelda now...Nintendo really isn't that big into RPGs. If they see them as an importance, then they would have by now made an effort into story driven games like Thousand Year door or Blazing Blade. Or heck, Golden Sun should have been out by now on 3DS!

    I agree. This year has done a LOT of things that are mindblowing!

    1. We're getting Shenmue 3 and quite possibly remasters of the first two games.

    2. We're getting a remaster of Wonder Boy 3 which I heard is some of the classics!

    3. Fire Emblem is getting bigger than it was back then!

    4. Factor 5 is back even though I don't see the whole point of it.

    5. Nintendo is doing wonders with the Switch as of now

    6. We're getting a brand new Blaster Master game! We also got a brand new Bomberman game as well!

    7.Lots of youtubers who were against Nintendo are now reviewing Nintendo stuff like Angry Joe which is shocking if you think about it!

    8. Sonic games looking promising as hoped!

    The only downsides as of now are as follows

    1. No remaster of Skies of Arcadia

    2. No brand new Mega Man game

    3. No brand new Golden Sun game

    4. No brand new Advance Wars game( shocking considering FE is kinda based on Advance wars)

    5. No brand new Metroid game(shocking considering Metroid is as major of an IP like any other Nintendo IP but I digress)

    6. Konami still being crappy as ever

    7. SEGA still not bringing back good ol IPs..same goes for Capcom

    8. Professor Layton series still being crappy unlike before

    9. No Virtual Console games for Switch right now

    10. Youtubers still bitching at Nintendo for that copyright crap

    11. Nintendo still not even buying atleast 20% of SEGA's stock.

    Some concerns for future

    1. What is Zelda going to be like henceforth?

    2. How much will games cost in future?

    3. What Nintendo will do without Miyamoto-san and Genyo Takeda?
  50. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think 2017 can be one of the best years for gaming. I said that before in the games of 2017 thread. 2017's list, for all platforms, is something else in my opinion.
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