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  1. Majorbuddah

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    NO ONE supported locking content behind amiibo's.
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  2. Koenig

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    I don't know about you guys, but I thought the skins and puppet AI from games like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros was the perfect use for amiibo, with the minor challenges in Splatoon (1) walking near the edge of what content should and shouldn't be available.
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  3. Shoulder

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    Developers, and Publishers do. :msrs:

    But seriously, what we did say (Nintendo fans) was we wanted Amiibo's to be simply more than unlocking character skins or what have you. I suggested that Amiibo's could be used to have you dl any Virtual Console game related to that character of your choice (or hell, any Virtual Console game. 1 per Amiibo).

    I also suggested Amiibo's being used to unlock DLC (rather than paying for them if you did not own the Amiibo). In that case, it provides two ways of obtaining the DLC.

    BUt my original point was we wanted Amiibo to do more than what it was previously doing (or rather, just being a dust collector), and it's now doing more, but not quite what we expected.
  4. CitizenOfVerona

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    I'm sure some people complained about lack of content and are now complaining about too much content being locked away.

    I sighed the moment they announced the toys though.
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  5. Shoulder

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    I thought it was obvious though: Nintendo needed money, and this was a way to get a quick buck. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn't like to make too many for some, while making buttloads for others.

    That all being said, I'll be honest, I still like Amiibo, and I like the idea behind them. I think it's rather cool they can double as both a figurine, as well as providing extra content for games. The slippery slope though is when said content is locked unless you have that particular Amiibo, which can be an issue for many.

    On the plus side, those who have Amiibo already can reap the benefits for multiple games over an extended period of time, so there's that. If Nintendo continues to support Amiibo functionality over the coming years, and even beyond the Switch, then it might start to make more sense in the long-run.

    As of now though, we are still at a bit of crossroads with how to approach it. I won't lie though, those new Metroid, and kneeling Samus Amiibos look pretty sweet.
  6. Majorbuddah

    Majorbuddah My real name is Dolemite

    "Amiibo gave me herpes. At least it's doing more!"
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    I only listen to AM radio nowadays. Thankfully I have Spotify where I can pick basically anything but pop radio to listen to at all times of the day. I recently killed my Sirius radio once they got rid of my punk rock station and replaced it with freakin' Yacht Rock.
  8. EvilTw1n

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    Gameplay-wise, they are certainly very different. But...

    Q: About where in the timeline is Prime set?
    Sakamoto: The story takes place between the first one on the Famicom Disk System and is followed by Metroid 2. I had the idea to make it separately as a gaiden [side story], but wouldn't it be a cop-out to call it a gaiden? Because of that, I consulted with Tanabe, and things fell into place very naturally. The local staff worked on it really hard, it serves as part of the series, and I think they completed it very well.

    Sakamoto has been elusive about this, but some of that is probably chalked up to translation issues. If Prime was totally separate, they wouldn't have bent over backwards to tell us that the trilogy takes place between the original Metroid and Return of Samus (the Primes are, with the least amount of charity, a sidestory/gaiden...but Nintendo can literally change the whole thing and say whatever they want, whenever they want; maybe Prime 4 really will be a whole new thing).
    Eh, somewhat. Depends on your point of view.
    Sequels should be different than their predecessors, IMO. "More features" gets into a semantics game. They're adding new gameplay features with new abilities and free aiming in Samus Returns, for instance. The only locked feature is the Fusion difficulty, which yes, is bullshit. But if I'm honest? If they locked that behind DLC I could buy (I have a 2DS, so no Amiibo unlocks for me)? I still wouldn't do it.

    I'm a crusty old bastard, too, but eh, some of this I can't give a shit about. For instance, the art galleries are undoubtedly going to find their way online in a matter of days after the game launches. "That used to unlock when I beat the game" kinda ignores the point that, shit, you can google image search that stuff now. I used to see it only in the game, now I can see it on anything with an internet connection. That makes it 100% irrelevant to me.

    So, overall...I'm on the side of wanting Fusion difficulty with the game itself, just because I know there are people who want it. And I'm sure Nintendo is going to give it to us...



    ...when they launch an HD version of Samus Returns on Switch. Which I'm sure they'll advertise with "comes with Fusion difficulty for free!"
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  9. Socar

    Socar Active Member

    I think what he is trying to get here is that both games offer completely different experiences to the point that they might as well be considered different games to begin with.

    Despite both the 2D and 3D Mario games having the Super title in them, they still offer different experiences. 2D games let you keep a power up permanently until you get hit. But the 3D ones are timed only. The 2D ones have a straightforward goal but the 3D ones require you to to do some fetch quests here and there to do so.

    Same goes for Metroid. Sure, both games are canon to the plot but you don't need to play them both at the same time since

    1. Not much really happens if you ask me. In the end, Samus kicks ass and that's that.

    2. There is very little impact that actually happens in the games.

    Since this is Nintendo we're talking about here, good luck finding a DLC that adds a lot of content at a cheap just simply won't happen.

    Anyways, if you are admitting the fact that Nintendo is doing what you wanted them to do, why even rant about this in the first place?
  10. Shoulder

    Shoulder Shouldy McShoulderface chippin' in

    Because...Nintendo. :mmischief:

    Now, with regards to your first thing, the differences only exist between 2D and 3D Metroid BECAUSE they are 2D and 3D. That's it. The use of 3D has simply allowed the developers to explore new possibilities that were not possible with 2D; same applies with Mario. That doesn't mean they are fundamentally different though.
  11. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    they are completely different... the 2d metroid games are fast paced action games, where as the fpa metroid prime games play more like 3d zelda... where they are about puzzle solving...

    it is a massive difference...

    the entire way you play the game is different.... I would say far more different than 2d vs 3d mario or 2d vs 3d zelda

    there is an entirely different design philosophy at play... both are great games, but lets not pretend they are the same... and that is my entire point.. other m and this new 3ds metroid both feature melee attacks and special dodges or grapples designed for quick combat... none of that should be EXPECTED of prime... just as the crazy wall jumping wasn't... and just like scanning things isn't expected in the 2d metroids...
  12. Shoulder

    Shoulder Shouldy McShoulderface chippin' in

    What I was saying was the basic fundamentals of the game, you exploring and traversing the world, killing enemies, defeating bosses, getting upgrades, exploring new areas as your progress, things like that, they are the same. Sure, pacing is different between the two, but that doesn't change the basic fundamentals of the game.

    The applications are slightly different, but the principles between 2D and 3D Metroid games are the same.
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  13. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    the entire makeup of the gameplay is different, it is basically just the aestetics that are the same... prime is closer to 3d zelda than 2d metroid
  14. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    Even at its most Zelda-like setting (Prime 2) the Metroid Prime titles have always had more in common with the 2D titles than any Zelda game.
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  15. Shoulder

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    Basically. Regardless the Metroid Prime titles are in 3D, and they might have voice acting in some, or are more slower-paced, and Samus is less acrobatic, but that doesn't mean the fundamentals have changed as a result, which is the point I'm trying to make.

    Metroid Prime, and Super Metroid for example are more similar than they are different.
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  16. Socar

    Socar Active Member

    Not really. Kraid didn't officially show up in the prime games, then there's mother brain who is absent in the prime games..officially again. How can you ignore the badass villain in the series period?

    Zelda on the other hand had enemies that were both in 2D and 3D and for good reasons.

    God these comments are dragging the subject to far here...look, both Prime and the 2D ones offer different game experiences. If you ask me, I prefer 2D Metroid over 3D despite me never being able to get hands on even one Prime game.

    Why, because 2D is more fast paced and more distance away which means you don't have to do a whole lot of searching and the levels are built for speedrunning. Prime...I don't really see how they can ignore the screwattack not showing up in Prime and yet being implemented in the 2D games instead.

    The fact that you can't even use functions that are from the 2D games to the 3D world is already proving the fact that both are completely different on their own.
  17. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    neither of those enemies were in fusion either, so does that mean it wasn't a Metroid game? Your arguments is getting worse with each post.

    Again, many enemies from the 2D games were also in the 3D ones. No contradiction there either.

    And while I do agree that this has long since gone too far, it was never a topic of personal preference.
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    Wanted to update you guys.

    I got out of the hospital this afternoon. Turns out it wasn't my appendix. They were stumped. I had a colonoscopy today. There were no tumors or polyps. So not cancer. They don't think it is Crohn's disease or diverticulitis, but we'll know for sure in a few days. They believe it was either food poisoning or a severe bacterial/viral infection (gastritis).

    They gave two rounds of strong IV antibiotics.

    Glad to be home. Glad to shower. Resting now.

    Edit: and thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers! They were greatly appreciated!
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  19. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    Aestetically... Yes... The way they play? No way
  20. mattavelle1

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    Glad your back home
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  21. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    If you are referring to their controls, then yes they are (obviously) different. Gameplay however? The exact same. Exploring massive labyrinthine worlds, gathering unique and hidden powerups, and then using said power-ups to progress further in the world. That is the heart of Metroid, straight from the lips of its creator.

    I don't even know what point you are trying to argue now, as you have long since strayed from the discussion of difficulty levels in the Metroid series (which the last 2D installment and only remake in the series also had as a standard feature) and are now arguing semantics about the series gameplay.
  22. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Necessary Evil Staff Member Moderator

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  23. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    that is an oversimplification thta would count MANY other games as being metroid games, prime is about puzzle solving, and scanning the enviroment as well, where as the 2d metroids avoid those aspects but add in acrobatic platforming and fast combat...

    the formula you just described to say they are the same would also apply to zelda ... but zelda is closer because it also uses the puzzle solving aspect

    I am not arguing semantics, I am saying that the games are different, and as such, an element of 1 should not be EXPECTED in another

    I do not expect acrobatics in prime... and I do not expect scanning in the 2d metroids... as such we shouldn't expect that features common to rpime being locked behind an amiibo is something being taken away from us, when it isn't really a part of the 2d games anyways...

    YOU are the one who lost sight of the original argument when you became too obsessed with a perceived (and non existent) insult to the prime series in me saying the 2 franchises are separate entities

    which they are

    we have brought up the differences between mario in 2d and 2d as evidence against my point... but here is some evidence for it using the same example... people do not expect the same things from 2d mario as they do from 3d mario...

    we get 2d marios... and we get 3d marios.. and it is understood that they come from different teams and are not related to eachother

    2d metroid, samus in smash, and other m = metroid franchise
    metroid prime, prime hunters, prime pinball, and prime federation forces = metroid prime franchise
    there is a reason the prime tag is added to a bunch of the western developed stuff even when it doesn't directly tie in to the story of the series...

    nintendo itself is labeling it as a sub series...

    otherwise.. why wasn't other m metroid prime: other m

    nitnendo seperated the franchise... it was cited that sakamoto said prime take splace between 1 and 2.. he has also said on numerous occaisonas that they do their thing and he does his, that they are separate

    "The games that I've been involved with in the Metroid series have been on the NES, GameBoy, Super NES and the GBA. I actually didn't have a lot of input on the Prime series. But when they're doing with Other M here, it's not so much a different universe, it's just a different part of the story. You can't say that there's no relation here; it's probably best to think of them as being in parallel in this world. "

    "With regards to the Prime series, if the team at Retro comes up with an idea that does bring a sequel to the series to fruition, I by all means encourage them to do that. But I'm not directly involved with the Prime games. In terms of the Metroid series stories that I've told, the games that I've been involved in, I started with the NES Metroid and took it through Fusion"
  24. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    Convenient how you completely ignored half of the points we have raised. For the sake of posterity though, I will continue this conversation.

    While it is true that scanning and puzzle solving is unique to the prime games, the prime games themselves had no shortage of platforming or intense combat situations. In the case of the former however, it could be argued that even the scan visor was an evolution of the x-ray visor from Super Metroid.

    Again, I am surprised by your lack of insight into the differences between the two series. In Zelda, what of the overworld, dungeons, and the distinction between them? What of the characters, the formulaic progression system, and the overall theming? There are numerous clear mechanical distinctions between the two series that separate them from each other mechanically.

    Ever since the very first zelda it has been in an established setting in which the dungeons and overworld are treated as two separate entities, with the former acting as the crux of the puzzle solving while the latter was reserved for exploration. Generally the temples and dungeons are also sealed off via story elements that need to be completed, and not directly reached with the required powerup until after that story condition is fulfilled. Even BoTW which broke most of the series conventions effectively held true to that in its shrines and divine beasts.


    In every Metroid game to date, the "overworld" and "dungeon" are treated as one single entity; there is no distinction made between them, and instead the world(s) are treated as one continuous labyrinth with light puzzles and exploration seamlessly woven together. Likewise almost all "power-ups" and abilities are used in their raw form to proceed, without requiring any story based triggers to prior.

    In Zelda the vast majority of games are punctuated by a handful of unique and strange characters that flesh out the world and serve as NPC's that either gate progress, provide information, give quests, or otherwise enrich the world. Even in the most subdued Zelda game, the NPC's set a very different tone and gameplay style unique to the Zelda series.


    In Metroid, there are generally no NPC's to speak of. The vast majority of the progression through the game is triggered solely by the player and their abilities, and as a result the games are infused with a fundamentally different tone imposed heavily by the mechanics of progression alone. With the sole exception of Metroid Prime 3 and Other M, NPC's were never a gate to the players progression (And in the case of the former, they only appeared in the first 30 minutes of the game)

    In Zelda, ever since a Link to the Past, the series has followed a very clear pattern. Dungeons require a story element and tool combination to enter, the player has to defeat a mid-boss to acquire a new item that is required to defeat the dungeon and its boss, with the next dungeon requiring that item to enter it and the cycle starting all over again. Peppering in some keys and locked doors to further gate the progress of the player arbitrarily. With the excpetion of the original Zelda game and breath of the Wild, these have been some of the defining traits of the Zelda series for over 30 years.


    In Metroid, progression has always been open ended with no clear direction or goals to immediately follow; each new powerup serves only to open a completely new area or gather powerups from an existing one, often without any warning or indication of when a new boss fight or ability will be available. Likewise the series has never* used single use keys and locks to arbitrarily stem progress. All of this comes together to cultivate a much more exploration based game than all but the most recent Zelda title; you never know what is around the corner, but you are rewarded for doing so. The ONLY major exception to this would be Metroid Prime 2 with its temple/sub-boss/key based design ripped straight from the Zelda formula I mentioned before, and those aspects are considered by many to be the games weakest points.

    Lastly is the theming, atmosphere, and sense of style. Zelda has always been much more lighthearted, colorful, and generally approachable than the Metroid series. The atmosphere is light, and often melodramatic. It is all about the adventure and either the abilities you pick up along the way and/or the characters in the world around you. Metroid on the other hand has always been darker, grittier, and otherwise under an oppressive and lonely atmosphere; it is more about your own abilities and the ruins around you than any other individual.

    Ill say it again; even the most "Zelda-like" Metroid game has far more in common with the Metroid series than it has ever had with the Zelda series. Just because they share puzzles does not mean they are the same as each other; saying so may be useful for generalization, but it is a far cry from the truth. They are fundamentally completely different games from each other, so please stop trying to compare them in this particular context; it simply does not work. If you are using puzzle based progression as the sole defining trait to try and link the zelda and metroid series together, then by that logic even games like Professor Layton have more in common with the Zelda series than they do with their own roots.

    Yes, they are different styles of the same game, but a difficultly mode has absolutely nothing to do with those differences. Stop acting like it does.

    Wrong on EVERY account. The prime series has tons of platforming and dodge oriented combat, and is often even more advanced than its 2D counterparts due to the inherant aspects of 3D design. the only thing uniquely "acrobatic" to the old 2D titles is the animation and speed of Samus's back-flip.

    In regards to amiibo support, if your saying the feature was exclusive to prime prior and should not be in a 2D game, then there is even less justification for that feature to be locked away behind an amiibo paywall when it IS actually in the 2D game in question!

    Except here is the thing; like @CitizenOfVerona pointed out, Zero Mission, the last 2D Metroid game we got (and the only remake of a Metroid game to date, thus setting a precadent) DID have a difficulty mode.

    And again, Wrong. I merely pointed out the fallacies in your arguments, YOU were the one who started this whole mess by trying to place an arbitrary distinction between the two styles of games in order to justify your argument about difficulty modes being expected, despite the FACT that the last 2D Metroid game (and only remake in the series to date) did have a difficulty mode rending that whole diversion meaningless in the first place! There was no "perceived insult" either, only a desire to correct you. However It was my mistake that I forgot about Zero mission at the time, and I apologize for that.

    This is a debatable point, ill admit. The Prime and 2D installments are definitely unique entries in the series to one another, HOWEVER their core aspects and the universe they share remain the same. Whereas in the case of Mario, the core tennants of those games were based on fundamentally different aspects; one route going for linear levels and the other exploration.

    There is sooooo much wrong with this I don't even know where to start. Are you seriously calling Smash Bros part of the Metroid franchise because it has Samus as a character in it? That the Prime series is nothing more than a spin-off? The prime series is a subtitle for the FPA style of games (The only reason Prime pinball shares the prime title despite not being in first person is because IT is a spin-off based off-of Metroid Prime 1)

    You just contradicted your own arguments up to this point. The Prime storyline is part of the universe, and they were intentionally written by the teams that worked on them so that they would not contradict or otherwise interfere with storyline in the later games because they are prequels! The reason their story-lines are so self contained and limited to each other is not because they are spin-offs, but because they were designed with reverence for their own source material.

    Even the quotes you cited back this up. The stories are in parallel to each other, not seperate. Likewise just because Sakamoto did not work on the prime titles does not mean that they are spin-offs either; if you are going by that logic that would be the same as saying that all the Zelda games since 1998 are not "Zelda" games because they were not directed by Miyamoto.

    Don't just take my word for it. Scroll up and read all the comments, @CitizenOfVerona , @EvilTw1n , @Shoulder have all pointed out many of the fallacies in your arguments up to this point.

    PS: Sorry that took so long to respond to; this took much longer to write up than I anticipated.
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  25. theMightyME

    theMightyME Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast

    not going to bother going through all of this... but parralel DOES mean seperate.. it means that sakamoto is unconcerned with what the prime series does with the story because his a seperate story moving paralel to that of prime's

    and thta is my ENTIRE point

    they are separate games made by separate developers who do not communicate with eachother (sakamoto talked to the japanese support staff of prime when the series first went into development and then had nothing to do with it after that)... saying soemthing is in prime so it shoudl be in the non prime metroid is silly

    it isn't a standard feature of metroid it is a standard feature of metroid prime

    how you cannot see this distinction is mind boggling to me...

    sakamoto basically said "this is metroid... that is prime" it is like GRR Martin with Game of Thrones... where he has said that what happens in the books and what happens int he TV show are seperate... things that happen in the tv show are not canon to things that happen in the books and vice versa...

    it is the same thing here...

    if you read between the liens it is clear that Sakamoto doesn't give 2 fucks about prime, he has probably never played the games, and pays them no heed... metroid and metroid prime might both be fruit, but 1 is an apple and the other is an orange

    parallel MEANS separate... like how a parallel time line is the same time but with differences not found in the original...

    PLUS... this game has TWO difficulty modes... of which ONE is locked behind an amiibo

    so you ARE getting your hard mode without the need for amiibo anyways....

    would you be happier if fusion mode didn't exist so its mere existence coupled with your refusal to buy an amiibo to unlock it wouldn't haunt you?

    This annoys the shit out of me... people just whine and complain about anythign that asks them to pay more... if you don't want the second ahrdmode for the cost of the amiibo don't get it... yous till get the regular hard mode, but now you feel entitled to both of them... amiibo locking is a source of money for nintendo, a way of getting mroe money from their most loyal fans while providing extra benefit (and a collectable figure)... it is likely thanks to the extra money that comes from amiibo locking and dlc options in games like metroid samus returns and the fire emblem games that we get those games AT ALL... as the cost of game development keeps climbing... we are owed nothing... nothing is expected... if we want the product we buy it...

    and what is being offered is a complete game WITH extras BEFORE amiibo locking even comes into play
  26. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member


    Finished a route in Mystic Messenger. God, this game is so much fun. (Zenny~!)

    I think I might end up trapping myself in Otome game hell (again) if I'm not careful, lol.

  27. Majorbuddah

    Majorbuddah My real name is Dolemite

    No. Actually, Mighty, locking on disc content behind a dumb toy is bullshit and always will be. Calling people "entitled" because they dont like being nickel and dimed on Nintendo's already overpriced software is quite dickish.
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  28. Shoulder

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    That was probably one of the most epic shits I've had in a long time. The kind of shit that clogs up the toilet, and forces you to use the plunger. The kind of shit that makes you walk funny after the fact because of how massive it was. The kind of shit that when friends look at you, they'll say, "Have you lost weight?" The kind of shit that would make the poop emoji look jealous.

    That my an Epic #2.
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  29. BobSilencieux

    BobSilencieux Well-Known Member

    I can't believe this is still raging on. Self belief is a great thing; stubbornness, not so much. When literally everybody else in the conversation is disagreeing with you, you should probably give some consideration to the possibility that you might be wrong for once.

    The nonsensical position that Prime is not Metroid, you need to step away from. You won't, because you think it helps with your second point; that people shouldn't be annoyed by this amiibo-locking because difficulty options are not a standard feature of Metroid. But it doesn't help, not for me at least. I couldn't care less if difficulty options were a standard feature of Metroid. I would still be very annoyed that Nintendo had taken a very standard feature of videogames in general, and locked it behind an extra paywall, when in the past it would have simply been included in the game as standard. Like I said repeatedly, if the developers of this game thought it didn't need difficulty options, they wouldn't have included them on the cartridge in the first place. And I would have been absolutely fine with that. But they clearly do think that this particular game needs difficulty options, and they are trying to get away with charging us extra money for the privilege. That. Is. Bullshit.
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  30. Shoulder

    Shoulder Shouldy McShoulderface chippin' in

    I recall when Metro: Last Light came out, the Ranger mode (the hardest difficulty setting) was locked behind paid DLC, which basically made the game about as realistic as you can get in terms of a FPS. There was quite the backlash from gamers, and it wasn't until the Redux editions came to consoles that Ranger mode was unlocked from the start, so 4A Games did eventually redeem themselves. It still doesn't mean what they did originally was any less wrong though.

    Imagine if ZombiU (or Zombi for multi-platform) had the hardest difficulty setting, where if you die once, the game is totally over, was locked behind some paywall DLC. We'd be saying the same exactly thing.
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  31. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    Was the Redux edition free? Because that still sounds like a fuckup
  32. MANGANian

    MANGANian Megalomaniacal Robo-Zombie

    I dunno. Metroid has a strange way in which it does sequels, and is similar to Zelda games. It doesn't matter how much Prime wanted to tie in a cohesive story. At this point, the series is loosely connected than with any sort of cohesive bond between plots. Yes, Metroid Prime is a Metroid game, but at the same time, it's only part of the Metroid Prime storyline, and not of the original Metroid storyline. The name alone at this point does not only suggest the change in gameplay, but also the narrative, as Metroid Prime is a stand-alone series with loose ties to the "Metroid" series.

    Long story short: @theMightyME is right. Metroid Prime is not part of the original Metroid series. But you're also right as well. At least it's not as bad as the Zelda timeline. That's why Ninty felt the need to use Federation Force and probably Returns as a way to tie the plots together.
  33. CitizenOfVerona

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    A striper tonight said I look like an asshole, and she also called me and my three friends motherfuckers.

    Real solid way to get us to give you money. Top quality.

    Eh, going to a street full of bars isn't that fun sober. I go for the company of friends, but I'm 100% over it.
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  34. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    ...guys no. Metroid Prime is canon to the Metroid timeline stop it with the repeating of the mistranslation/misquote.
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  35. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    The only Metroid game that isnt canon to the others is Other M, get it straight bois
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  36. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    That's a weird way of spelling Pinball
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  37. mattavelle1

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    Loved that game
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  38. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    My copy of it malfunctioned and stopped working. . . :(
  39. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Necessary Evil Staff Member Moderator

    It's not a hard timeline to find, either. Metroid is actually quite unlike Zelda, in this respect; when they make an interquel, they make sure it fits in a certain part of the timeline (which is why I always chuckle when people think Other M doesn't fit in the chronology; if anything, Fusion was the game that was just sort of out there on its own, and Other M made it make more sense - how a metroid-drained space dragon corpse ends up on BSL, an idea of where the non-benevolent G-Feds came from, etc.). They placed all of the Primes together for that reason, and if I were a betting man, I'd say Prime 4 will also take place between Metroid and RoS for that reason.

    This doesn't mean that teams making these games won't take liberties within the scope of what they're doing. Did Retro consider that Samus's power suit functions like some sort an anime transformation? Of course not, that was something Sakamoto came up with during Zero Mission and Fusion. Did Sakamoto consider Phazon for Zero Mission? Of course not, that was Retro's invention. Sometimes different teams are going to get their wires crossed with what the others are doing, because they're not working directly together. Retro took huge liberties with the Aurora Units in Prime 3 (they were even teasing a Tourian-like base in that trailer, retconning our understanding of MB-like AI), Sakamoto spent an inordinate amount of time on putting Adam into the main story.

    Neither Aurora Units nor Malkovich nor Phazon nor X-Parasites existed when Super Metroid was created. But this is what happens when a fictional series grows; creators write more details in.
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  40. Shoulder

    Shoulder Shouldy McShoulderface chippin' in

    After she called you, and your friends, motherfuckers, you should've replied back with, "You're right. I have fucked your mother, and she looked better that night than you do now."
  41. MANGANian

    MANGANian Megalomaniacal Robo-Zombie

    At least we can all agree that the story of Metroid is a lot easier to follow than Kingdom Hearts and Ass Creed, which also does the "interquel" thingy.
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  42. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    I didn't want to have to deal with bouncers, or even talking to her anymore.

    We all laughed at it though.
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  43. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    I feel so bad for people who only played 1 and 2 and try to go straight to 3 without even looking at wikias for extra info.

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  44. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    I can't imagine Xbox only bros picking up Kingdom Hearts 3 without the rest of the series.
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  45. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    Methinks a Kingdom Heart Trilogy would be a wise move on Squares part, as I am sure there are plenty of people who have never played the originals before.
  46. MANGANian

    MANGANian Megalomaniacal Robo-Zombie

    They're gonna need more than the trilogy for that to work. I remember being very confused about KHII until I realised Chain of Memories existed (the best one, imo). The opening sequence didn't help much. I've followed Kingdom Hearts from beginning to end, and there's so much nonsense to keep up with, I sort of just learned to ignore the story completely and just play the game. How many different versions of Sora, Ventus and Xemnas must we have to keep tab on? And all of this from a story about saving Princesses. At least it gave me a very good line to annoy everyone around me.

    "You're wrong! I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts is LIGHT!"- Sora

    Glad to know Squenix incorporated the FF formula perfectly into these games. I'm very glad the DQ stories doesn't have this kind of messy writing.
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  47. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    Yeah. . . Your right in that a trilogy probably would not be near enough to cover the convoluted story of that series. It is a shame that the series has ended in that position though, as one of the many charms of many of the older Square RPG's was their accessibility in terms of story.
  48. Majorbuddah

    Majorbuddah My real name is Dolemite

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  49. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    I managed to reach level 27 in Splatoon 2 today. I am thinking ill take a break for while, because these levels are a massive grind; probably spend some time cleaning the house while the roomates are out and checking of the list of general to-do's that need done this week.

    So what is everyone else up to today?
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  50. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    I finally started Yooka Laylee after the big patch came to consoles. So far I'm really enjoying it minus a few things. Essentially, if you like Banjo-Kazooie, you'll like this. Don't know what it was like on Day 1 but I'm not seeing how it's labelled as "another kickstarter fuck up" by many.

    I'm also miffed to shit that Sonic Mania got delayed 2 weeks on PC only. They said it's for optimization purposes, which if true is all well enough, but this close to release? Hmm. I heard some rumor that it's for adding DRM bullshit.
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