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Discussion in 'Community Hang-Out' started by mattavelle1, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    its an eshop download, up now.
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  2. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

  3. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

  4. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    Dude, I was joking because of precisely the highlighted part. I'm diagnosed with ADHD.

    Due to the lack of stimulation one might get from a heavily text based isometric game, that's what I meant.
  5. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    Fun fact: the Pixel Junk developers are responsible for releasing a PS4 game that uses legit voxel ray tracing for its lighting and reflections.

    Problem is it was a crappy F2P Minecraft clone.
  6. theMightyME

    theMightyME Owner of The Total Screen

    I am diagnosed ADD as well, and that has never been an issue for me, the bigger problems have been like, for example, blaze Blue, I played that open beta... WAYYYY too noisy, I couldn't keep focused, my eyes kept moving all over the damn place. on the boring side, it is never that the system is complex, though reading CAN be an issue as I have to re-read lines over and over and over until they stick... otherwise I forget the first half of the sentence before I finish the second half.

    what you are describing though sounds more like what people think ADD is like then what it is
  7. MANGANian

    MANGANian Megalomaniacal Robo-Zombie

    I'm one of those Jim Sterlings. The single player of CoD is what got me into having any interest in it at all. Now that the single player is more of an after-thought (and progressively worse) than the multiplayer, it's difficult for me to care for the game. The last time I've played a CoD was Black Ops.

    Buying computer parts always gets me excited for some reason, even if it's something as uninteresting as a fan.

    Finished watching Jessica Jones S2. It was okay. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, but I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't expecting to be disappointed. After all, Jessica Jones did set the bar a bit too high with the first season. Otherwise, I liked the plotline they had going on with Jessica and the antagonist. Felt like the entire season could've done with 4 less episodes. A lot of stuff dragged on.

    I particularly didn't like the death of the doctor. It was stupid as f**k. It just felt like it was done because they needed an endgame conflict but no longer needed the doctor and just decided to roll with a poorly implemented reason for the doctor to kill himself.

    Looking forward to season 3. I hope it doesn't take too long to release. It was very difficult trying to remember what happened and who's named what while watching season 2.
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  8. simplyTravis

    simplyTravis "A nice guy, but looks like a f'n Jedi!"

    Duuuuude, you need to be in the Discord. I've been geeking out about this game since it came out on PC (and a bit before.) It's so well done. It seems like there is less text in this game, but it might be that everything is voice acted. Even a large portion of the non-verbal stuff is read out loud. It helps that the voice acting is good. I read very fast so most of the time I blow through the text and all my wife hears is stuff like, "Then he said..." Fire breathing drag..." "Arrrrghhh, what sho-"

    I am currently thinking about also picking this game up for Switch because it's been that damn good so far. I have a feeling it's going to be my new Skyrim. Something I can come back to years later and try a brand new character because the feel is so different.

    Aside from the excellent story and voice acting, the battle system is very unique. You can either control every aspect of the battle using a very tweakable autopause system or program in the AI to play in certain ways to fight for you. It sort of turns into a visual novel if you play with full AI. If you lose the fight, play around with the AI parameters then try again. You can of course give it directions mid battle if you want to do certain things, but you don't have to. I don't play like that, however. I am all about the control. I have it pause the game after using abilities so it feels like a D&D game where I control 5 characters at once. In the past I played where I kept my casters (wizards, ciphers, etc...) off AI because I'm picky with my spells. If you were to watch me play it may look very slow. I love the challenge and strategy that it provides even if it makes a 30 second match last 5 minutes because I gotta pause every 3 seconds.

    Graphically the game is gorgeous. It also runs pretty well on potato laptops according to quite a few people online. I would expect it will look pretty nice on the Switch.
  9. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    It's the last of the episodic quest chain "lay of the land".
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  10. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator


    EDIT: I’ve looked for how to get the quest on YouTube and I can’t seem to find the step by step.
  11. theMightyME

    theMightyME Owner of The Total Screen

  12. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    I've been following its development in the devs' Discord channel. It's been alive, just stuck in the approval process with Nintendo. At this point, though, it's going to drop into a market where people can already choose between ARMS, Pokken, Smash soon, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and probably Dragon Ball FighterZ sometime in the next year. So, RIP.
  13. Socar

    Socar Active Member

    My uncle passed away this week in a car accident. He was just picking up my cousin from an exam when some drunken jackass drove a car and banged both of them. While my cousin wasn't in any serious conditions, he's a bit weak and still doesn't know the tragedy. We all mourned for his loss especially my mom and grandma.

    I will solely miss him..may his soul rest in peace and I hope my cousin and my aunt can still live a happy life after this..of all the people to die, why did it had to be my uncle?
  14. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    Sorry to hear that Socar. I hope your family finds some strength to deal with your loss.
  15. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    yeah, DLC. After you've made sure to DL it, go to the cat that manages that stuff and switch to that quest line.
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  16. theMightyME

    theMightyME Owner of The Total Screen

    Sorry for your, and your family's, loss
  17. theMightyME

    theMightyME Owner of The Total Screen

    Honestly I think it looks more interesting than all but possibly smash .. I really dug that the game is about stepping away the excess and just having a clean system
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  18. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    Sorry about your family’s loss Socar
  19. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Sorry for your family’s loss.
  20. theMightyME

    theMightyME Owner of The Total Screen

    Ben and Jerry's cannot defeat me
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  21. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    That's just awful. Sorry for your loss.
  22. theMightyME

    theMightyME Owner of The Total Screen

    So I have a confession to make

    I have been listening to this audio book, it is a fantasy series where each book has kind of focused on a different character

    I had heard the first 2 and an listening to the 3rd,and the protagonist of this one is gay, and a lot of the story is kind of the feelings between him and this other guy

    Now I am very socially liberal but listening to this book makes me uncomfortable at times it feels like watching a sex scene with a parent

    So I was thinking about it and I think it comes down to the perception of masculinity that I grew up with

    Gay acceptance in society is fairly new compared to other civil rights issues, so even in the late 90s when I was in high school, derogatory slurs for gay men just weren't really considered bad in society... As a group they were heavily mocked in a way that feels kind of shocking now.

    While I am all for a gay relationship for a protagonist there is still something deep inside of me that makes me want to distance myself, because accepting that makes me feel like I'll be socially ostracized... But that I will be but that is what growing up when and where I did had instilled in me...

    It is deeply vexing that I feel uncomfortable it really bothers me (that I feel that, not the subject matter)

    It is toxic, and the mentality of it isn't welcome, but it is there...

    I imagine it is similar to when an older woman is embarrassed and uncomfortable when a younger girl isn't following gender roles. Our like a good father might feel from our generation of his son wanted to wear a dress... Not that they are opposed to it, just that it clashes with what we grew up to believe are societal norms

    I hate that I feel uncomfortable... It isn't something that prevents me from watching a movie or show or from coring the book, but it is there and that surprised me.

    I guess it also shows how underrepresented real homosexuality relationships are (and not just comedic moments) in TV, movies, and books.

    Like even when there is a gay relationship, it isn't the same... Like in modern family the gay couple is almost desexualized, in a way that none of the other relationships are

    Anyways, that is just an observation I had that made me feel a little shitty inside
  23. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    I would like to know how this commercial got stuck in my head, considering I don't have TV. Eh, probably from my visits to family every week.

    But yeh, we gonna start this Prime marathon off right today, with the very first Metroid Prime! (and I'm gonna play it on Gamecube just for the funsies, 2 and 3 will be the MPT version).

    Why we doin' this? Cause Prime 4 will (hopefully) be shown off at e3 this year. Also, despite replaying these games to death in the 00's, many of us haven't replayed them in a long, long time.
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  24. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    Being socially liberal sounds like torture. Another win for the machismo Latino!
  25. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Even my henchmen think I'm crazy. Staff Member Moderator

    I'm very sorry for your loss, @Socar. My condolences to you and your family, man.
  26. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

  27. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    Although I have mixed feeling about the DKR and DKTF, I do have to say that I love how detailed the levels are. If 2D Mario games put this much effort into their levels rather than relying on the abstract nature that most of the game use, I would be a lot more excited to play them.
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  28. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    Both IMO are top notch 2D platformers. Super challenging also
  29. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    If only they had kept that original trilogy feeling, I'd have liked them more.
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  30. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    True, although compared to other classic Nintendo titles, DK has (so far) been dealt a much nicer fate; at its heart it still looks and plays like a DK Country game. I certainly would love to see the Kremlings return, but the Tiki's and Penguins are far from the worst successors.
  31. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Personally, I appreciate the contemplation and thought you've put into all this.
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