This year in gamin has been very special.

Discussion in 'Gaming News' started by mattavelle1, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    Really across the board. Man people are playing many different types of games on a lot of different platforms.

    Typically I don't care for such things, but with Mario right around the corner it got me to thinking. For me as a Nintendo gamer if I had the ability to choose a GOTY how in the world would I do that?

    Even between just Mario and Zelda. I haven't even played Mario yet and I know Ima have a silly grin slapped across my face for the duration of my playtime for sure. And Zeldas hooks run deep emotionally for me and gave me the greatest platform to escape.

    It won't be long before the votes for GOTY. For Switch alone you got Zelda, Mario, Xeno, spla2oon and possibly in certain circles ARMS and MK8D. Really, really!??

    Then across the board and I haven't kept up with a ton outside of Nintendo but I know RE7 was very well received, Destiny2, CoDWW2, RDR2 and I'm sure there are many more that I'm leaving out.

    Could this be one of the best years in gaming? With so many amazing games this year how would you pick GOTY? And what personally would be your own?

    (I know some of these questions won't be answered till after Christmas. I just wanted to go on and get the discussion goin and how happy are you with gaming?)
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  2. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    This has been an amazing year in Gaming! I spent sooooo many wonderful hours with Zelda, then went to MK8D, then Arms, then Splatoon 2, then to Mario & Rabbids, and now to Metroid: Samus Returns. There were some other small things in the middle of all that, but I have been having so much fun. Never bored.

    As of right now, for me, the best game I've played all year was Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Just hands down phenomenal.

    Steve plays a lot of games on the PS4 and Vita, so we got to do RE7 and some great indie games on the PS4.

    Has been a great year for gaming, indeed.
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  3. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Cuphead may be my GOTY, but that could be because I just finished and it's fresh in my head. Yooka Laylee was another fantastic indie game imo. There's a few others indies I want to play that I haven't yet like Steamworld Dig 2 and Tooth & Tail.

    Sonic Mania was also really great.

    I was thinking of getting Horizon Zero Dawn, but they announced a GOTY edition with the upcoming DLC for December, so what's a few extra months? Nier Automata is another on the list, just got to get in the mood for it. Played through RE7 at a friend's house, not bad at all.

    Only Nintendo I played was Zelda and Metroid. They're the only things that Ninty released this year so far I gave a damn about. Times have certainly changed for me.
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  4. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Even my henchmen think I'm crazy. Staff Member Moderator

    Breath of the Wild alone would have been enough to make this year something special.

    But no, it came with Switch, which is one of the rare devices that just makes you smile by holding it.

    And that begat ARMS, probably the only fighter I've ever been able to stick with.

    Which was followed by Splatoon 2, the only shooter I've felt a need to play.

    I got to play another 2D Metroid that proved there's still nothing else quite like Metroid. Mario looks incredible. Big Zelda DLC for the holidays. (Zelda, Mario, Metroid in the same year, btw.)

    Xenoblade 2 keeps looking better. We'll get Rocket League. And DOOM. And Gear Club Unlimited. And I can't even keep track of the indies that were in that Direct.

    Nintendo drops a healthy demo for a Square Enix RPG where you play as a sex slave. Because we all expected that.

    And I still want to play MH:XX, Mario & Rabbids, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Disgaea 5.

    I would have been happy playing Kamiko on the toilet, but instead we got all of this. It's nuts. The backlog for just this year is going to take me awhile.
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  5. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    For me without playing more games this year I.E. Mario / DooM etc etc.

    My GOTY and possibly of my life is BotW if I was voting today.
  6. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    Yes, definitely one of the best year in gaming. Great time to be a gamer.

    I've got one question: PS4 is no longer a remaster machine, Wii U is past and NSW is taking over, one of the best Nintendo years in a decade. Video games are selling like water in the desert. PS4 may hit 100m and who knows how many units NSW can sell, it's the king of Japan. Even 3DS is still alive.

    My question is: Where are all those analysts that said that video game was dying and mobile would kill everything? Where are them now?
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  7. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    @Juegos and I were talkin about this awhile back and he semi wrote an article about it. He hit on the Mobil market in a section of this article a week ago.
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  8. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    I might have to update it sometime with possibilities from Google's Assistant stuff. You know how I said a while ago that I think in the future games could be assisted by AI? Like how there could be an AI in Breath of the Wild that automatically placed Korok puzzles in places that it knows you like to look; or if it subtly guided you to where you needed to go if it realized that you're stuck in the game. Things like that. Well, Google seems pretty committed to putting their Google Assistant on everything, so I wouldn't be surprised if they made games specifically with that in mind, which could be a big deal.
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