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We cover a lot of content here at Nintendo Enthusiast. But you may or may not be aware that there are a lot of engaging personalities on YouTube who also court the Nintendo fanbase. This is a look at 10 of our favorite YouTubers who frequently feature Nintendo content. Keep in mind that it is up to parents to ensure any YouTube channel is suitable for their kids. With that being said, here’s a word of caution for parents and for those on the job — some of these channels may include NSFW language. Enjoy!

Nintendo Enthusiast

To be clear, this is our site’s channel, so of course we couldn’t just leave it off this list. Brett Medlock heads up our YouTube channel and does a stellar job at covering all facets of Nintendo business with list-style videos, reviews, commentary, and reactions. We’ve got the goods to fulfill your Nintendo needs. So, be sure to stop on by whilst surfing among the many other YouTubers! If you’re seeking a knowledgeable voice in the video game sphere who simply makes awesome videos covering nearly everything, Brett Medlock is your guy.

RGT 85

RGT 85 broadens the spectrum of gaming content by covering games on the NES through the newest releases on current generation hardware. And on top of the broader timeline, RGT 85 posts a wide range of content including reviews, unboxings, and various feature-style videos. He is incredibly well-versed in video gaming old and new, which makes his feature videos all the more interesting to watch. RGT 85 covers the hottest headlines in the industry, speculates on leaks or theories, and offers his own opinion on the best and worst gaming has to offer.


For a bit of spunk in your Nintendo discussions, look no further than BeatEmUps. The ever-engaging and animated YouTuber posts new videos about every two or three days. Oftentimes, he is sharing his opinions or viewpoints on new developments within the industry. He even creates zany offshoot videos like competing with his girlfriend in drawing Nintendo characters from memory. Between his charisma and his immersion in the video games world, BeatEmUps is easily one of the most engaging YouTubers to watch. Be sure to check out his page for the best insight on the topics of the day, coupled with a splash of humor.


It’s all in the name. WiiLikeToPlay is a crew of four friends who simply play Nintendo games together for all to see. Their Let’s Plays include games from Nintendo’s catalog both old and new. Additionally, you can count on them to post several videos a week – almost daily. Their commentary and banter add to the videos and are sometimes humorous. Additionally, their videos are episodic by nature, where a series of videos will cover one game. If you enjoy Nintendo Let’s Plays, WiiLikeToPlay is a channel that deserves your attention.


Arlo is a fairly well-known YouTuber in Nintendo fan circles. Basically, the channel is run by a puppet. At first glance, Arlo appears to be a not-so-gravelly version of Cookie Monster that decided to cut back on the cookies and hit the treadmill a few times a week. While the allure of Arlo is the comedic puppetry act, subscribers stick around for the previews, reviews, news, and general commentary from conventions or in regards to industry speculation. There doesn’t seem to be any real consistency in Arlo’s number of uploads per week, but you can always expect a couple at a minimum. For a visually interesting personality in your Nintendo discussions, be sure to check out Arlo.


Nintendrew is a channel for the most hardened Nintendo fans. As a collector of all things retro gaming and Nintendo, Nintendrew shares some of the most incredible finds in his collection. Furthermore, he offers several DIY videos teaching fans anything ranging from basic upkeep, like printing replacement slipcovers for video game cases, to more complex projects, like constructing an arcade cabinet complete with a mini-fridge for your Nintendo Switch. These awesome yet extreme projects might not seem practical for many, but Nintendrew also offers insight into getting the most out of your retro game collection. For instance, getting the best picture out of your GameCube on an HDTV. There is a lot of love for Nintendo on this channel. Be sure to check out Nintendrew for some of the coolest insights into the popular gaming brand.

PKSparkxx DatHottneSS

PKSparkxx DatHottneSS is another channel featuring Let’s Plays of Nintendo games. PKSparkxx is, perhaps, one of the more energetic hosts I’ve seen in a youtube channel. In addition to Let’s Plays, he also posts reaction videos to various announcements that are guaranteed to be anything but boring. Just like his About page states, he simply wants to “keep things fun for everybody.” Simply put, check out PKsparkxx for the infectious personality that he injects into Nintendo-centric Let’s Plays. That’s the appeal of PKSparkxx DatHottneSS.


SullyPwnz is predominantly another Let’s Play channel. But this channel isn’t just any other Let’s Play channel. SullyPwnz plays a significantly wider catalog of Nintendo games than what is seen on other Let’s Play-centric channels. Viewers can expect three or four videos a week. Oftentimes, SullyPwnz looks to past generations like the Wii, Wii U, GameCube, and even the NES and SNES. He also records Let’s Plays of 3DS games, many times exploring the co-op feature with a partner when applicable. With well over 500,000 subscribers, it’s easy to see that fans enjoy the variety and well-crafted Let’s Play videos that seem to be SullyPwnz’s specialty.


This YouTube channel has it all. JWittz features reviews, videos based on intriguing facts, news, lists, collectibles, Let’s Plays, and more. JWittz has been around for several years now, and it shows with his extended knowledge of all things Nintendo on display. Perhaps you’d like an expert opinion on what the most underrated Nintendo 64 games are. Maybe you’d like to know about the history of the Pokémon manga and the stateside censorship of some graphic aspects of the books. Or maybe you had no idea you wanted to see these things but would watch them regardless. This is the kind of engaging content JWittz creates. He doesn’t post quite as often, however, and you can usually only expect a couple videos a month. But for those who haven’t discovered this channel, there is a deep catalog of videos to check out!

Nintendo Unity

If you’re in the market for a channel with something a bit different from the standard fare, Nintendo Unity might be the channel for you. While most channels publish reviews, news, and Let’s Plays, Nintendo Unity takes a different approach to fun Nintendo media. Even though the videos are put together by a group of friends, there generally are no hosts or personalities behind the compilation videos. These videos include ideas such as the evolution of various characters or aspects of Nintendo games, origins videos for a wide variety of Nintendo icons, compilations of cameos and references in Nintendo games, and even a look at some of the craziest glitches in Nintendo games over the years. The group of friends at Nintendo Unity even accepts and attempts various gaming challenges in a series of “Challenges” videos. With videos posted a few times a week, there’s never a shortage of content.


With over a staggering 4 million subscribers, DashieGames is one of the most popular YouTubers that frequently spotlights Nintendo content. DashieGames joins PKSparkxx in the wildly energetic category and is typically quite hilarious. He always injects his own brand of comedy into Let’s Play videos. His eccentric dances at the beginning of his Let’s Plays and his boisterous NSFW commentary add to the general appeal of watching his videos. While you may come to this channel for the Let’s Play videos, you’ll end up staying for the colorful personality who runs the show. DashieGames offers frequent content that is sure to elicit many smiles and chuckles from viewers.

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