Pokémon Mareep Poké Plush life-sized

I want you to go and get a ruler and measure two feet (about 61 centimeters for the rest of the world) up your leg. Keep in mind a Great Dane is about three feet tall. This Mareep plush that the Pokémon Center is offering is a whopping 24 inches tall and 40 inches long. That’s the same dimensions of an actual Mareep according to the Pokédex.

The 24-inch Mareep Poké Plush is not a cheap item for sure. Mareep will set you back $500, making this the most expensive official Poké Plush on the market. The next most expensive is a 39-inch tall Pikachu coming in at $250.

While there are other life-sized Poké Plush, they mostly come from smaller Pokémon like this 8-inch Meltan. This is probably for the best, as I can only imagine how pricey a life-sized Wailord or Rayquaza plush would end up. Right now there’s only one other piece of Mareep merchandise available from the Pokémon Center, and it’s, uh, this. I don’t know; I kind of like that one too.

The Mareep Poké Plush does not have a listed weight, but at that size, I can imagine it’ll be unintentionally close to the Pokédex listing of 17.2 pounds (or 7.8 kilograms for you smarties with the metric system). The Pokémon Center listing suggests placing the Mareep in the bedroom, near a rocking chair, or under a glass tabletop for maximum Mareep aesthetic.

The Mareep Poké Plush doesn’t release till January of next year, but preorders are being taken until Sept 1. Are you the kind of trainer who would be willing to shell out that kind of cash for a life-sized electric sheep plush? What other kinds of Pokémon do you want to see full-sized versions of? Would you buy this or would you rather buy two and a half Pokémon-themed Switch Lites?


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