Yahoo! is reporting that Game Group Plc has put themselves up for sale…

The group, which employees 10,000 people has confirmed several options it is currently considering as it stives to stay afloat.The chain are currently in the midst of a massive \”fire sale\” on pre-owned hardware and software, in an attempt to round up some cash.

There have also been rumours that the US firm Gamestop are considering stepping in to purchase several key high street stores, but it remains to be seen if the firm would be interested in buying the ailing retailer.

The group’s quaterly rent bill is due in two weeks, and if it fails to pay this will face administration. Their shares have dived from 70p to 1.7p within the last few months.

The group have been in the news over the last few weeks by not stocking Mass Effect 3, The Last Story & Tekken Vs. Street Fighter.



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