Could Nintendo be bringing fans a triple treat to this years E3?

This information comes from a supposed inside source, so take with a grain of salt….

 Nintendo are working on 10/11 Nintendo published retail games to be shown for Wii U at E3

Sounds reasonable considering what they originally showed for the 3DS. They\’d likely release 2 first party titles at launch and then at least one or two more before the end of 2012. then they have to keep gamers satisfied until E3 2013 will reveal wave 2 software.

Third party games will be shown as well

This is fact. We know we will see updates on Killer Freaks, Ghost Recon Online, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Lego City Stories, Darksiders 2, Ninja Gaiden 3,  as well as the expected Fifa, Madden, Medal of Honour, Call of Duty,  as well as a few surprises.

Around 70 Wii U games currently in development from a variety of publishers

Sounds about right, by the time E3 rolls around this number would likely have grown due to the final dev kits being released post-GDC.

Nintendo will release 4 first party Wii U games before the end of 2012

Sounds about right, if you consider they wont all be Mario/Zelda. There’s likely to be something like a Wii Sports.

Considering on pricing the Wii U lower than they would like

This again sounds believable following the tough 3DS launch. They need to be realistic.

Big wave of 3DS and Wii U software this holiday

Following the 3DS’s recent resurgence expect a decent amount of third party announcements. As for the Wii U, it wouldn\’t be out of the question to expect 20-40 titles released by the end of 2012, considering how easy it is being reported for third parties to port their titles accross.

Nintendo have at least 3 new franchises in development for the Wii U, various studios

Now this is exciting. What better way to show of your new consoles unique features than with new IP? Don\’t forget that not all new IP are huge like Mario/Zelda, and some of these will likely be smaller titles or perhaps even DLC like Pushmo and Dillon’s.

As for who is developing these, thats up for debate. We know Retro is working on at least one project but have said it’s something \”people want them to make\”. What if this was misunderstood and they are in fact working on something new, or even one of their long-cancelled projects like Raven Blade? We also know that Monolift are working on at least two new projects, one for 3DS and one for Wii U. As for the rest of Nintendo’s teams there are far too many to analyse as the majority are working on unannounced projects




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