Nintendo Direct News Recap and Trailers

The Nintendo Direct presentations in Japan and Europe are over (Nintendo of America didn\’t hold one, although they did tweet some America-relevant updates) and it’s time to recap some of the new announcements we were privy to. After the news you can check out all the trailers from the presentation. As we reported earlier, the Nintendo Direct was chock full of 3DS news. Let’s get started:

Big News

3DS Firmware Update


– Nintendo of America announced that on April 25th, in just a few more days, 3DS owners will be able to download a new firmware update for the 3DS. The new firmware will introduce the ability to create folders and organize your home menu in a less chaotic fashion. Is your 3DS home menu cluttered with demos, Virtual console games, apps for media, etc? No longer. Now you can make a folder pertaining to each type of software and find exactly what you\’re looking for in moments. Another feature of the update will be the ability to update your software with patches and the like. In fact, expect Nintendo to release their first patch for Mario Kart 7 in May in order to resolve shortcut exploits in the game.

New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS


– Nintendo announced New Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3DS. The game should see release during August, including North America. The game will be a traditional 2D side-scrolling Mario game with familiar characters making a return. Screenshots of the game showed off the ability to fly with the raccoon tail. Also, in one screenshot all the enemies were colored gold and in another screenshot Mario was gold.

Kirby 20th Anniversary Compilation for Wii

– To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kirby, Nintendo will release a special anniversary collection disc that contains many of Kirby’s earlier outings on various Nintendo hardware. The game will be released in North America and the release date is TBA for now.

2 New Pokemon AR Apps for 3DS Download

– New Pokemon Apps are being prepared for release on the 3DS eshop. One is called the Pokemon AR Searcher but it probably should have been called the Pokemon AR Shooter because that’s what you will be doing. Look around the room you stand in and find Pokemon to shoot and capture. Then you can transfer those Pokemon into Pokemon Black/White 2. The other download is Pokedex 3D Pro, an update to the Pokedex 3D we\’ve had on our 3DS\’ until now. One of the new features of this new Pokedex will be the ability to have the entire Pokemon roster included, rendered in 3D. But, guess what? This one won\’t be free.



– Several titles on the 3DS will be getting downloadable content later this year. Fire Emblem Awakening will receive additional characters, new songs will be available for Theatrythm Final Fantasy, and Monster Hunter 3G owners will receive new challenges for download. Also, Square Enix revealed that Heroes of Ruin will get a wealth a DLC. In fact, players will receive new challenges every day of the year, free of charge.

Mario Tennis Open Customization

-Nintendo showed off lots of customization to your character and more than 200 items available in their new Mario Tennis Open trailer. You can view the trailer below.

Nintendo and Panini Partnership

– Collecting Kid Icarus AR cards will get a whole lot easier. Nintendo is partnering with one of the largest trading cards distributors, Panini, to release across stores in Europe. Panini was the company used by the Olympics to distribute official stickers and trading cards.

Release Dates

– Many new release dates were revealed:


3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure – April 25
Pokemon AR Searcher – June 23
Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro – July 14
Mario Tennis Open – May 24
Guild 01 – May 31
Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D – May 31
Culdcept 3DS – June 28
Little Battler eXperience Explosive Boost – July 5
Etrian Odyssey IV – July 5
Taiko Drum Master: Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orb – July 12
Pocket Soccer League Culchobit – July 12
Rune Factory 4 – July 19
New Super Mario Bros. 2 – August
Tobidase Dobutsu no Mori or Leap Out Animal Crossing – Fall 2012
Project X Zone – 2012


Kingdom Hearts DDD – July 20
Theatrythm: Final Fantasy – Summer 2012
Heroes of Ruin – June 15
Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise – July 6



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