According to the latest issue of Nintendo Power…

According to the May issue of Nintendo Power, New Play Control: Pikmin 2 will finally see a release in North America in June. The game was released in Japan and Europe back in 20o9, and although North America received NPC: Pikmin, the sequel has yet to be released.

Pikmin 2 was originally released for the GameCube in 2004 and saw Captain Olimar joined by a new playable character Louie. The game did away with the original’s 30-day cycle and introduced co-operative pay as well as two new kinds of Pikmin.


Pikmin 3 is due to be unveiled for the Wii U at E3 on June 5th, so this seems like NOA is planning on reminding gamers why they fell in love with Pikmin origin ally!

UPDATE – As you can see above a scan of Nintendo Power has now been provided. The very last sentence is where they mention the game being released in June.



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