When Nintendo launched the Wii they were criticised for not equipping the console with a sizeable memory solution, it sounds like Nintendo have found an affordable way around this…

  • Won\’t hit at launch, currently planned for 2013
  • Another feature of the Nintendo Network
  • Currently only allows for 512 MB of online storage to each online profile
  • Exclusively for games saves and profile data
  • Will launch in Japan first
  • Nintendo approached Seattle, WA-based Mozy, Inc.to handle this in 2010
  • Work on the service didn\’t begin until late 2011
  • Will be incorporated into Wii U’s menu interface

What could be even more interesting is if Nintendo allowed gamers to upgrade the size of their storage for a small fee to allow DLC data to be saved too. While they may not confirm exact details they would likely announce such a feature at E3, which is just 21 days away!



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