If you\’ve visited your local RedBox recently you may have noticed that when browsing video games there is an option for Wii U titles.  When you try to select the category, however, it delivers a message that Wii U games are coming May 30th.  Considering we\’re nearly two months past that date, someone thought to ask them on the official RedBox Facebook page.

Hey Christopher! Here’s the deal: in the coming weeks, we\’ll be carrying Wii U games in a small handful of cities (Austin, Sacramento, and Yakima, Washington) to see how customers like it and decide if we should carry the games in other towns. We\’re glad you\’re interested in Wii U, and we\’ll continue to strive to make more customers happy!

What this amounts to is a market test, in a limited number of cities, to gauge product interest to see whether they should expand the offering or eliminate it.  A very common retail strategy, because not every local economy has the same preferences.  Hopefully anyone in those areas can show some interest when it does become available to ensure the continuation of the service.

Plan on checking your local RedBox for this?  Let us know how it goes!


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