While it’s understandable that we\’re all waiting for the big summer update that was promised by Mr Iwata in January, this is not it.  3.1.0U introduces a couple of very minor changes.

First up is a few additions to the standby feature.  Rather than needing to initiate a system update before powering off, your Wii U in waiting will automatically connect to the internet to check for spotpass updates as well as firmware updates, download them, and install them at the next power on.

Aside from that one change we have the typical statement about overall system stability enhancements as well as a very interesting side note.

A system update providing further additions to system functionality is planned for release between the end of September and beginning of October

So it seems the update we\’re all waiting for is scheduled to release late September, in the latter half of Summer.  More than likely today’s update prepares the Wii U for what’s to come, similar to the sequence of events leading up to the major Spring update.  Nintendo is anything but predictable, but we\’re holding out hope that we\’ll get a Nintendo Direct at some point that will detail the changes before it drops.

This may not have been the update you were looking for, but hey, at least when the summer update does come, you won\’t have to worry about powering up and watching the download bar crawl across the screen.

What are your thoughts about the more detailed timeline?  Are you upset that its coming out toward the end of the Summer rather than the beginning?  Let us know in the comments!


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