According to Gameplay Engineer Brian Valdillez’s Linkedin profile, which marks his current three year stint with WayForward Technologies since February of 2011, the development studio was working on a new Pictionary title dubbed, \”Pictionary Universe,\” for Nintendo’s Wii U console.

The listing, found under Valdillez’s \”noteworthy contributions,\” describes the cancelled Wii U title as an drawing experience with some social network integration.

\”Implemented rudimentary drawing functionality with recording and replay capabilities designed for uploading to Miiverse.\”

His profile claims that the game was anticipated as a 2012 title, although the game could have been released later in 2013 and was just cancelled in 2012 during its development.

So far, there are no leads as to why this particular project was cancelled – likely WayForward wanted to concentrate on other projects and focus its resources elsewhere.

Still, with Miiverse integration and some interesting gameplay additions, Pictionary Universe could have been a successful title on Wii U, making intricate usage of the console’s Gamepad or being able to have 5 players join together at once. Unfortunately, we\’ll never quite know what the game will be like as WayForward does not seem to have any plans of resurrecting it.


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