With the final moments of Chrono Trigger ticking away, the goal of hitting $1 million in donations toward the Prevent Cancer Foundation was struck just as the epic Awesome Games Done Quick marathon ended. For 7 long, beautiful days, speedrunners from all across the globe tackled their favorite games at sometimes world-record-setting paces while viewers generously contributed to the massively successful donation drive toward cancer prevention.

Chrono Trigger was the last game to be run at the event, clocking in at several hours of grueling campaign. The $1 million goal seemed feasible but out of reach, as donors would have to climb a mountain of over $100,000 in donations just to reach the milestone before the final boss would be slayed. The official count for the donations currently rests at $1,008,320.99.

In the end, the $1 million mark was reached in the final moments of Chrono Trigger – a memorable \”wondershot\” doing in the evil entity Lavos just after the goal was met. The crowd erupted in passionate joy, followed by a sincerely heartfelt thank you and good-bye from those who helped make the event a success.

The $1 million mark was never the goal, however – AGDQ was hoping for $750,000 at the very maximum. In comparison, AGDQ 2013 reached only $448,423.27 in donations, which made it the most successful single gaming marathon at the time. AGDQ 2014, of course, shattered those results and is now reigning as the champion of gaming marathons.

If you missed out on any of the action (I feel terrible for anybody that didn\’t catch it live), you can check out every single replay from the entire marathon here. There are literally too many highlights to mention – the superb F-Zero block, Cosmo’s Wind Waker HD run, the Mirror’s Edge race, both Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out being run blindfolded, the Super Metroid 4-man showcase race (boasting some of the best gaming commentary ever), the Goldeneye run (Yeah baby!), plus so much more! Dig in deep and brace yourself for the very best in speedrunning.

Later this year, Summer Games Done Quick will arrive with just as much hype and speedrunning excellence, so be sure to keep an eye on SpeedDemosArchive for more on that event.


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