We asked our forum members last month what their favorite soundtracks were. This month’s topic was about potential new video games or, more specifically, what your dream Nintendo game would be. We received some neat ideas that we wouldn\’t mind seeing developed, but until then, we\’ll just have to keep dreaming. Remember, if you want to be apart of these monthly discussions, sign up on our forums and be a part of the community!

sjmartin79 – \”Super Nintendo RPG\” by Square Enix

I was thinking how much I loved Super Mario RPG and now the closest thing we have to it is the Mario & Luigi series. Then I got to thinking how great the Kingdom Hearts series is. Then I had what I\’ll call a moment of genius. How about Nintendo pulls together the roster of Smash Bros. (as in, all the great Nintendo heroes and villains) and the RPG and style of Kingdom Hearts and (the original) Super Mario RPG and creates their own all-Nintendo-encompassing RPG?

You could have the main character be some brand-new character not currently attached to any specific Nintendo IP. (Or if Nintendo preferred, have Mario be the star.) But then along the way, you could get other Nintendo heroes and villains join up. Make it traverse the different Nintendo realms from Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Metroid homeworld, etc. Maybe the specific Nintendo characters only join up while you\’re in their realm or maybe they can stay with you the whole time. (Story dictated and all that.) Have fighting be a mixture between old-school Final Fantasy and Super Mario RPG.

Imagine an RPG where Zelda (as Sheik), using her magic and fighting skills, teams up with Pit and his bow, Samus and her arm cannon, and Bowser with his might and flames. (Doesn\’t have to be specifically those players, but you get the idea.) Huge roster, and perhaps you could create your own team out of a list and play those the whole time (a la X-Men Legends for the GameCube).

Now this is an idea I would let Retro handle, with some input from Square Enix.



CitizenOfVerona – Shadow of the Colossus x Titanfall = ?

I\’m a huge fan of Kaiju movies, Gamera and Godzilla being on top for me. There’s one scene in Godzilla: Final Wars that stuck with me, and that’s when human soldiers who carry hand-held weaponry actually take down Ebirah, a giant sea monster. Why am I talking about Godzilla movies on a Nintendo site? Simple, \’cause that’s what I would like Nintendo to tackle.

Whenever Nintendo does do anything \”shooter\” related, the product is quite unique: Geist, Metroid Prime, and the most recently announced: Splatoon. Having a shooter like the scene in Godzilla: Final Wars would be a dream come true and as always from a Nintendo shooter: unique. 

For the 99.99% of you who never watched it, let me briefly describe it. Ebirah (a giant crab) is destroying a city, much like giant monsters do. A few humans come in with advanced rifles and stat shooting. The twist? They can jump around from building to building and even run along walls Matrix-style. 

So for a game, I\’m imagining a mix of Shadow of the Colossus and Titanfall. Each boss could be like a puzzle, trying to figure out where exactly the weak point is and the best approach to attack. Each boss would be in its own setting — for example, a typical city, an industrial area, or in a forest. Players would have to be aware of their surroundings in order to get the drop on the monster. From Titanfall, it would take the \”parkour\” mechanic of running along walls and jumping far distances. 

Nintendo can make creative bosses, so it would be a treat to see some original Kaiju, but if they could license Legion or Biollante for a bonus character, I\’d be down with that as well.



LightsaberBlues – A game starring Captain N the Game Master

I want what I\’ve always wanted: Nintendo to grow some balls and make a first-person/third-person/action/adventure/RPG game about Captain N the Game Master.

They could take every gameplay style they have ever used in every Nintendo game, and every character from those games as well, and mash them all up to create the greatest Nintendo game of all time.

It could be Nintendo’s version of Kingdom Hearts and be full of retro goodness and nostalgic overtones like No More Heroes.

I mean it could be the end-all, be-all Nintendo game that finally brings all these great franchises together under one roof to do more than just SMASH each other’s brains in.

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Shooting
  • Platforming
  • Exploration
  • Leveling Up
  • Zelda-like dungeons based on each game’s universe
  • Power-ups from all Nintendo games
  • Weapons like the NES Zapper to shoot with and the Wiimote lightsaber to melee attack (could also upgrade the Wiimote to do other things, like maybe a plasma whip or something for map traversal)
  • Your dog DUKE follows you around and helps you out in battle
  • Realtime gameplay for everything
  • Open world enviorments based on some of my favorite Nintendo game universes and a Videoland hub world to connect them all together
  • Drivable vehicles
  • All your favorite past and present Nintendo characters interacting in a semi complex storyline

I mean, I could go on and on.

I\’ve made design documents in my head since I was about 15 concerning this game idea. And I have been waiting even longer than that for Nintendo to take it upon themselves and do this.

That’s what I want. A game about Captain N.

And at this point, I think Retro would be the perfect developer to make it for Nintendo.



ASuch – A Mature RPG

I\’ve been working on this large story for a while, and I think it could make a really great and interesting video game.

I\’m not gonna say anything about plot, but basically, as a 13-year-old boy, you get forced out in to the wilderness to fend for yourself after your entire city and family gets burned by a sneak attack from the enemy. All you have is a sword. The game is completely set open from there on out, and you can go anywhere you wish; you just have to keep in mind that you\’re weak as hell and can\’t fight everyone. Eventually, you learn your first magic attack. I don\’t know whether this would work better as a hack-and-slash with those kind of special attacks, or maybe using the GamePad for using magic attacks, I don\’t know. As you move through the game, you rally seven other refugees and you all fight together (maybe all can fight at the same time with seven as intelligent AI, and you can switch between them to gain control).

Each character has their own attack style, magic attacks, personality, motives, behavior, etc. At the core, the eight are based on eight different elements; light, dark, earth, electricity, fire, water, ice, wind. For example, the main character uses light, and so many of his magic attacks are light energy-based. The electric character is more prone to using machinery and mecha. The earth character can make beings spawn from the ground and is great at stuns. The game also would have a special kind of morality system, where you\’re never told how much of a paragon or renegade you are, but the main character’s inflections, dialogue, and so on would change ever so slightly. After a lot of other story, you raise your own massive army. Then, the tactical side of the game opens up. Each of the eight characters can command their own squad with different buffs and whatever. Coming in with the right equipment and tactics can make you prevail easier than just brute force.

While the tactical side is still there, the adventure side of the game is still mostly singular between the eight characters and is still a huge part of the game.

Eventually, there’s a huge turning point. The main character starts to get extremely fucked up in the head after all the shit he’s been through. People aren\’t invincible. One clever way I thought to subtly introduce this is through the dialogue choices. You may choose what can be seen as the \”good choice,\” but he might say something entirely different than what you intended, demonstrating his loss of control over himself after all the trauma. His son is born, and when his son is 15 or so, the main character turns heel and now the main character is his son. The game’s direction starts to reverse itself; more and more of your army gets killed, including the people part of the original eight group, and you\’re alone again in trying to stop your father’s insanity.

In the final battle, it proves all for naught and the universe practically implodes, leaving you at the end of time with the son. You learn that this is going to be a forever continuing cycle of rebirth and death, so you loop the timeline to try to put an end to it. Now, the entire timeline is opened up, and you can travel anywhere across hundreds of thousands of years. Because you\’ve created a time paradox, now the original villains have a greater grasp of time travel as well, and you have to stop them across all time periods in order to truly stop the cycle. From the extreme low point earlier, you start to raise an army even better than before, and the seven characters besides the OG main character are stronger than ever.

It’s really hard to specifically pin one genre on to it that would work. A mature RPG comes to mind, with some elements like real-time strategy like in Total War, and hack-and-slash combat like something such as Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. There really isn\’t one developer I can think of that can do everything I\’m thinking of. Platinum comes to mind for the hack-and-slash, but if it’s too goofy, then it kind of takes away from the overall tone and mood of the game. Maybe a more complex RPG system with stats, weapons, and diversity from Monolith could work on that front, and Creative Assembly (Total War developer) working alongside someone like Platinum could flesh out the tactical system. It’s certainly not like any franchise of games before it.

The music would certainly need a special style to it. I\’m feeling a mix of orchestral, awesome guitar riffs, and the occasional folk music with the subdued acoustic. Having a certain beat would be fantastic as well, since orchestral tends to kind of mesh together with everything and it becomes generic. 

I think a graphical style like The Witcher but more stylized would be perfect for this game as well.



mattavelle1 – Nintendo’s take on \”Bulletstorm\”

As far as a new IP goes, or something I would like to see Nintendo tackle I have one game in mind, and the idea comes from this past generation.

I am an amazing fan of Bulletstorm from Epic, and it was a fresh IP that, while I played it, I could have thought that Nintendo themselves made it. Last generation was totally full of the FPS genre I get that. Being a fan of the Gears series at that point, I was onboard with what Epic was putting out.

Once Bulletstorm hit, I went out and bought it, and as far as myself playing games on another console it was one of the few games last generation I played and smiled from ear-to-ear while playing it. Much like Nintendo’s own games that make me do that I really was hoping that somehow Epic and Nintendo could make a deal to bring the unique FPS to Nintendo’s consoles and would have found a firm user base there.

What made it so unique was the game wasn\’t about the \”kill,\” per se; they twisted it. It was all about the style of the kill or how many different ways that could use the environment and weapons to cause combos on your victim. For instance, let’s say I was using a sniper rifle. I could use the drivable homing bullet; when it hit my target, I took hold of them and made the bombs, which I could move anywhere I wanted to. So homing bullet connected, he’s now my controllable bomb, I drove him to a group of enemies and detonated him and it gave me a three-way stackable combo for mad points and gave my kill a cool name like \”return to sender,\” which was fun.

I think Nintendo could take this concept and be crazy awesome with it. Nintendo is always trying to find out away to not only take genres and turn them on there ear, but to take existing ideas and twist them to there own. And Bulletstorm people can say \”destructible environments\” and things of that nature; they did a masterful job actually incorporating the environments into the game and giving them names as well. You could shotgun a person in the air, grab them into you with a big kick, and if there is a cactus behind them, the kick would send them flying into it, impaling them and you just got a huge combo for three different hits and you would get big points that you could use to unlock now weapons and combos with ways to kill people.

It was also a colorful and well thought-out game, and the characters were fun to play with also. If I was to have Nintendo make a game or take on a new IP, I would want them to take on a genre such as Bulletstorm. Taking the FPS and not making it about just eliminating your enemy, but your enemy is actually the vehicle used to gain points, more combos, more weapons, depending on how well / or cool you execute your combos.



imthesoldier – A hack \’n slash with Nintendo characters and unique art-style

I\’ve always had a soft spot for hack n\’ slash RPGs, going back to the Diablo II days, as well as its expansion Lord of Destruction. There are other hack n\’ slash RPGs I\’ve played such as Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Champions of Norrath, Champions 2, and recently Torchlight. It’s no surprise Nintendo has done RPGs in the past with Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario games, but honestly, they should do away from the usual turn-based battles and make something more in line with what I\’ve been playing with Torchlight

Nintendo are wizards when it comes to art style, so imagine a hack n\’ slash RPG with such a unique art style a la Mario 3D World, or even a hybrid cel-shaded game. Essentially, whatever they could come up with, it would be awesome looking, and while it may not be the game we wanted, it\’ll be the one we deserve. 

I don\’t necessarily have a story in mind, but the gameplay portion is one area where it should mean the difference between doing something that’s already been done many times before, and something a little more unique. Nintendo could easily take a hack n\’ slash RPG, add Nintendo characters in it, and of course include multiplayer (online included w/ voice chat). In terms of how what sort of gameplay mechanics they could develop, I suppose one aspect would be rather than simply have four or five party members just going at it beating up enemies, how about having abilities where combining everyone’s attacks for more damage could occur? 

For example, everyone has a bar gauge that fills up as you kill enemies, and once everyone has their gauges filled, together they can unleash a super attack against either a horde of enemies or one big one. There could even be other uses for this bar gauge such as healing properties, and even things you can use as an individual party member. So basically, some strategy is involved for how you want to use it, and if you have other party members, communicating about what you plan on doing to either help one another, or fight other enemies. 

I honestly don\’t know much else for gameplay, but basically this is the general idea:

Take the art style of Super Mario 3D World, the gameplay of Torchlight, add in some Nintendo-style multiplayer like I was mentioning, add in some diverse worlds with lots of weapons and armor, customization included, and of course that Nintendo oriented quirkiness, and you have yourself a new IP involving hacking and slashing. 

I just want a Nintendo hack n\’ slash RPG really. Nothing more. Nothing else.



jorgejjvr – Something that’s never been done before – surprise us!

I might be in the minority, and might be going on the opposite of the popular opinion. But I want Nintendo to keep doing what it is doing, and just keep surprising us. I don\’t want them to join the mainstream audience and give us clones of what it is already out there. Nintendo actually has at least one game for every genre, they have a wide variety of IP’s and genres that basically covers them all. I do understand that people want them to do things that they are not too familiar with, like as shooter for example, and give them a brand new IP. This is completely fine, however, I want their creativity alive. Which is why I am glad, even when they approach a shooter for example, we get Splatoon. This games looks completely original and different, and yet it is a shooter, but it is unique enough to be something new. And so, I want Nintendo to keep it going, to go into new areas of gaming but with their creativity intact and with something to shake the formula up. I don\’t need or want a dark and gritty first person shooter from them for example, we already have metroid, if they go into untouched territory I want it to be because they have something to add to the genre that has not been done before – not a copy and paste of what it is already there.

(After I asked him if he had any idea in his head whatsoever. Also, jorgejjvr is a newcomer to our boards, so big welcome to him!)

Well, I do think an RPG by Nintendo would be extremely fun. Maybe something in the vein of the Legend of Zelda but 100% RPG. Having a massive world to explore and have different races and areas. The player could make their main character as any of these races and so the story would differ according to which race you came from. Combat could be a combination of turn based and real time where the player is rewarded in combat and your NPC group of players could be controlled locally or online. The world could be cel-shaded like Wind Waker and be very story heavy.



Superfakerbros – Legend of Zelda JRPG

I wouldn\’t mind a vast open-world JRPG with the charm of Zelda, lore like Lord of the Rings, and gameplay like that Shadow of Mordor game. It\’d have a good high-quality main quest, but it\’ll also contain a high number of side quests, you can create your own character or use a pre-set one, and you could play online with friends.



Mike D. – Retro Studios Action-Adventure with a new IP

This is a tough one. No, really. Two reasons. One, Nintendo is good at giving you things you didn\’t even know you wanted (Galaxy, Wind Waker). Two, I think one of their big strengths is incorporating new elements into existing franchises (Prime, Other M).

So if it’s a new IP, it has to be something that couldn\’t really work in an established Nintendo IP. In that scenario, I give the nod to Retro to do an all new action-adventure (I know everyone thinks they\’d make a killer FPS, but there’s already a ton of good FPS games out there). They\’ve proven themselves at this point; they\’ve earned their stripes with Metroid and Donkey Kong. It’s time they were given a blank canvas. I don\’t think this needs to be aimed for an M-rating, but it shouldn\’t be out of bounds, either. Where to begin, then? I think there’s unfinished steam punk-y business with them. SkyTown, Elysia is one of my favorite gaming environments, and I think Prime 3 would have been made a lot better had they just focused on that one world. Imagine what they could do with the Wii U’s hardware in that sort of setting.



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