Super Smash Bros for 3DS is releasing in less than a month in Japan. It’s a well documented fact that both the 3DS and Wii U versions will have the same roster so, needless to say, in less than a month’s time, the endless speculation and arguments will finally be laid to rest. What better way to bring this to a close than by arguing and speculating?

For this month’s forum question, I asked our members what character they would like to see the most. Some people gave answers based on what they want, while others made a last guess as to who would be announced.

First up was user LighsaberBlues, who wants Captain N: The Game Master. For those who weren\’t born in the good generations, Captain N was a television show that ran from 1989 to 1991 and featured Kevin Keene being sucked into Video Land, and who then must become Captain N to save the land from Mother Brain and her loyal followers. The show featured numerous recurring characters like Pit and Mega Man, with cameos of Mario and Link. It was cheesy, sure, but back then it was the coolest thing ever. Captain N was actually first created for Nintendo Power, so saying Captain N has his place in Nintendo history is surely an understatement. Plus, his default weapon is a NES Blaster.

Falling in line with a wide number of requests, a few of our forum users, like Superfakerbros, Friedshoes, and nerdman, all would like to see Ridley from the Metroid series. It’s widely agreed upon that the Metroid series needs another character to represent it. Mario and Pokemon features a wide number of characters from their respective franchises, so it would be nice to see another character from a series as iconic as Metroid. Ridley does appear to be the most popular choice, seeing as he is featured in most games, is head of the space pirates, and in the manga, killed Samus\’ family and destroyed her home community.

Creating a moveset for Ridley wouldn\’t even be that difficult, seeing as how other dragon-like characters like Bowser and Charizard are unique and fun characters in their own right. On a side note, if Ridley did get announced as playable, I would love to see Neo-Ridley from Fusion as an alternate costume. To quote nerdman:

\”Just f—— put Ridley in it already. Metroid has two characters representing the franchise, and they\’re both Samus.

Ridley is the only other iconic character from the franchise. The fans obviously want him in there. What the f— is wrong with you Sakurai?\”

There are a ton of conflicting arguments though. Some people think he\’ll be in it because Sakurai hasn\’t flat out de-confirmed him like he has with other characters, while others think he won\’t be in it due to the Smash Direct showing a shadow of Ridley while saying other bosses will appear in stages as well. Of course, there is the famous \”he’s too big\” line as well. Thankfully, this will be all put to rest soon.

Next up is Bayonetta. Forum users SuperfakerBros and Friedshoes both show interest in having the femme fatale playable. While Hideki Kamiya, producer of Bayonetta 2, spoke out on his Twitter saying no Platinum character would be playable in Smash Bros, it is hard to deny that having her playable would be good publicity for the upcoming Bayonetta 2. Nintendo is no stranger to putting in characters for publicity such as Roy or Lucas, so it would be a good opportunity to create awareness for her upcoming game. As for her moveset, well, it’s not too hard to imagine what it would be like, with a gun on each limb and crazy combos in her games.


From here on out it was mostly just characters that got name dropped once, but nonetheless still worthy of a spot on the roster. Once again, we have Superfakerbros wishing for Shulk (Xenoblade) and Isaac (Golden Sun). Shulk would be \”another swordsman\”, but Xenoblade features unique spells and moves that buff stats, and adding these moves could create a unique moveset unlike any other character, despite being a swordsman. Isaac would have an insane amount of spells and moves to take from. For those who never played Golden Sun, it utilizes a system similar to Pokemon, in which characters can equip monsters of different elements, and depending on which combination of monsters depends on what spells and moves are available. Everyone who played Brawl knows of the golden hand, but it gets way crazier from there.

Mr-Chris would like to see Bowser Jr. I haven\’t heard many people clamour for his inclusion, but thinking about it, he could have an interesting moveset. They could use his magic brush from Super Mario Sunshine, even go as far as summoning a monster similar to Rosalina, or even Zelda’s Down+B Shield Knight. If Nintendo wants to cheat a bit, they could also pull moves from Baby Bowser in the Yoshi’s Island series. Titan Bowser Jr. from Yoshi’s Island end boss? Yes please.

Back to Friedshoes once more, he would have loved to see Takamura playable, but Sakurai confirmed his role as an Assist Trophy as this thread went up, crushing his dreams in an instant. Besides Ridley, he wouldn\’t mind seeing a hunter from either Metroid Prime 3 or Metroid Prime Hunters. Each hunter having their own unique theme and powers, it’s almost possible to make a Smash Bros game exclusive to Metroid characters.

Redhatdrawler requested Bomberman or a Belmont. Building on that, Ridleyschild specifically said Simon Belmont or Alucard. To quote him:

\”Simon and Alucard for sure. No need to explain their movesets, they are pretty self-explanatory if you\’ve played a Castlevania game. Since there is also Megaman coming to SSB, why not have X and or Zero? Maybe even Vile? (Vile is questionable. It’s hard to give him a moveset.) Maybe a character from Final Fantasy VI. The Final Smash would be a limit break (desperation attack.)

Main answer for me is Simon/Alucard. We have a million Castlevania games, why not include them?\”

For bonus points, Ridleyschild has gone on to wish for Monster Hunter related items:

\”Also wouldn\’t mind having some Monster Hunter weapons in SSB. Great Sword to do heavy damage (10 hits before weapon falls to red sharpness and breaks), Hammer to send people flying (5 hits till red sharpness and breaks), and a hunting horn to make allies have faster movement, heal them, or give them more strength for a period of time (20 hits or 2 songs before it breaks. Also immobilizes the user when playing the song).\”

Speaking of Monster Hunter, juegomajicos wants an actual Monster Hunter to be playable. In conjunction with that, he would also like to see Cha-Cha as an assist trophy. Here’s what he had to say:

\”Different costumes would be different armor sets (Lagiacrus, Rathalos, Deviljho, Brachydios). The moveset would be the character pulling out different types of weapons depending on the kind of attack: forward Smash is Great Sword charge, up Smash is Hammer upswing, down Smash is Longsword fading slash; special attacks could be using a bow (or bowgun to differentiate from Link), a Gunlance wyvern fire, and putting down a pitfall trap.

The final smash summons a Rathalos. Or a Goa Magara from MH4, to tie it in nicely with that game’s upcoming release.

Assist trophy from Monster Hunter: Cha-Cha. He comes out and does a dance that causes random effects to the players.

sakurai pls\”

The infamous Asuch would like to see himself playable, and with the Miis, of course he can. His serious answer though was Square Enix characters Crono or Kefka. The grand daddy of the forums, mattavelle1, would love to see Viewtiful Joe on the roster. Both him and LightsaberBlues both agree that he was a lot of fun in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Member imthesoldier wished for Cranky Kong. To quote him:

\”How about Cranky Kong? I bet he could kick some serious ass with that cane of his. I know that while a cane may look unintimidating, there’s always a hidden weapon underneath it all.\”

Lastly, WolvenofGames wants Buzz Buzz of Earthbound. Now, I\’ll be the first to say yes to more Earthbound/Mother characters, but Buzz Buzz would just be too overpowered, beating Starmen with ease and travelling through space and time itself. His only weakness is overweight mothers.

So there you have it fellow enthusiasts. With less than a month to go, what character would you like to see? Or if you\’d like, make your last minute predictions.


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