If you spend any time on gaming websites, especially ones for Nintendo, then no doubt you\’ve heard about how Ubisoft is cutting back support for Wii U, and more recently, that Watch Dogs won\’t be launching with any bonus content on the Wii U. A lot of Nintendo fans immediately called out Ubisoft for giving us lower than expected quality or just toying with us in general. Rayman Legends and Watch Dogs getting delayed; Splinter Cell: Blacklist launching with broken online; or just not releasing some games like Far Cry 3. It sure is easy to point the blame solely at Ubisoft. Readers familiar with me know that I stood up for Ubisoft in the past, stating how they\’re half the fun I\’ve had from the Wii U.

For September’s forum question, I asked if anyone actually owned any Ubisoft titles on Nintendo’s latest console and what they thought of them. The most popular answers by far were Zombi U and Rayman Legends. Zombi U being a launch title and one of the most unique games to utilize the Gamepad had a lot of promise, but most would agree that a little more time in the oven would have benefited it from a quality stand point. Rayman Legends was once a Wii U exclusive, but infamously got delayed by six months so it could be a multi-platform title.

People on our forums had good things to say about both games. From the words of FriedShoes:

“Love them both, with ZombiU probably still making my top ten list.
Still felt burned by Ubi nonsensically delaying Legends, but that game turned out great too.

I can talk for days about ZombiU though, and coming from someone who is absolutely tired of the mass zombie craze, its kinda strange.

I tried Assassins Creed on on other consoles, never liked them. I know the latest one tried new things but I just don\’t care.”

From Cubits:

“Love Rayman, it’s every bit as good as a 2D Mario. The care which went into the music and design is reminiscent of the golden age of animation. The perfect companion platformer for Nintendo’s IP.

ZombiU has a bit of dodgy pacing, but that’s all I can level against it. The controls, the atmosphere, the metroid like progression, the puzzles, and especially the death mechanics are all brilliant. Reminds me of condemned, a similarly critically under appreciated game. Ubisoft did much better with this than they did with Red Steel 1.”

The Assassin’s Creed series was divisive, with some loving them and others disinterested. Compare what Francisalex said….

“Assassin’s Creed 3 is great fun! I\’m nearing 100% synching as of now and I have a blast every time I play it. It’s a shame that it doesn\’t have that extra awesome GamePad functionality but having the map there and being able to quickly touch to change weapons is more useful than people think.”

…to what Mike D. said..

“Bought Assassin’s Creed 3 on launch day. Dearly wanted to love that game (my first modern \”AAA\” third party purchase), but I just wasn\’t feeling it. The boat tutorial felt like an excuse to get to the actual title screen, and the gameplay felt oddly disjointed and a touch too automated to me. But it was my first AC games, and I just may not be a fan of the series. It looked like it was about to really pick up at \”Infiltrating Southgate,\” but then it went back to trying my patience.

Will probably buy Assassin’s Creed 4 sooner or later, to see if it fares any better.”

Other users like Friedshoes or sjmartin79 dislike the series and sold their copies, while ModernSamuraiJay is quite enthralled with his copy of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.


Another game that was mentioned quite a bit was Child of Light. Personally one of my favorite games on the eshop, it seems like people either bought it and enjoyed it, or want to buy it but can\’t get around to it. Juegosmajicos had this to say:

“I want to play Child of Light, but haven\’t given myself time to get it and play it since it came out so close to Dark Souls 2 on PC. And I also want to play Assassin’s Creed 4, but I have zero reason to get it on Wii U when I can just wait for a sale to get the superior PC version.”

Other people enjoyed it for what it is, and others have yet to get around to it. Out of all the answers in the forum thread, no one said they didn\’t enjoy it.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is another game that kept popping up in discussion. Some people enjoyed it, like Francisalex…

“Splinter Cell: Blacklist is pretty fun, too. I wasn\’t into stealth games that much before I tried this game but now I am! For this game, there IS some interesting GamePad functionality and I appreciate that! The only bad thing here is the multiplayer, which is completely broken; I don\’t think I was able to play a single match when it had just come out, and right now I just completely gave up; haven\’t tried in a while.”

…and juegosmajicos…

“Splinter Cell was also excellent. Somehow that game received much negativity from merely having similarity to Splinter Cell: Conviction, but in fact was a return to form for the Splinter Cell franchise, and a great stealth game on its own.”

…while Cubits wasn\’t so happy with Ubisoft’s less than stellar support…

“Splinter Cell runs well, has some strange handling, and utterly atrocious loading times, even the digital version. I can\’t really forgive the lack of DLC in a single player game like this, either. Weak support, Ubisoft.”

Those were the major titles the discussion formed around. In addition to all this, I asked a bonus question: Are you getting Watch Dogs? Like with most other games, the response was mixed. Some users seem to be completely sick of Ubisoft, while others are curious as to what the Wii U version will have. Please continue to page 2 to read what they had to say.


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