The Wii U eShop racer FAST Racing Neo from indie developer Shin’en has seen quite the positive response from the Nintendo community, and it looks like that has translated into sales as well. During an interview with Geekscape, Shin’en revealed that FAST Racing Neo has been a sales success

We are very happy how the game turned out and about the players reactions. Many of our previous titles also topped the WiiWare or eShop charts but no game sold so FAST 🙂 So from the business side, we are very satisfied. From the development side we are also very pleased. We never worked so long and hard on a single game, but in the end everything came really nicely together!

They went onto say that they are keeping an eye on the NX. It’s nice to see such a quality game get a good reception from the Nintendo community. Have you picked up FAST Racing Neo yet? Want to see Shin’en on the NX? Sound off with your thoughts below!


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