Well this project only took five years (and some pocket change).  Many moons ago, like most Wii gamers thirsty for a big adventure, I had been enchanted by a JRPG named “Monado.”  And like most disappointed Wii gamers, I did my part for Operation Rainfall to get the darn game localized.  After all of the twists and turns it took to get this forbidden fruit, though, I never finished the game.

But late last year, I decided it was time.  My backlog slate of games was as clear as I could manage, so it was time.  That time.  I made a thread-journal of it on our forums with my friend, SJMartin79, as co-pilot.  Now, in celebration of Xenoblade Chronicles’ 2 imminent release, a look back to its forebearer.  Beware – here there be SPOILERS.

Table of Contents
I. New Year’s Resolution
II. Colony 9 – Just like your hometown, if Scranton was located on a frozen titan’s rotting corpse.
III. Bionis’ leg bone connected to the…good part.
IV. Past from whence the Great Plains begin.
V. God’s trachea, puffy Ewoks, and dinosaurs with electric basketballs.
VI. Meet the High Entia – like the elves from Lord of the Rings, but with escalators, public transportation, and fewer overall f***s to give.
VII. Welcome to the dramatic End Game, which lasts about 40 hours.
VIII. “When lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner.”
IX. What if they moved?
X. Do you like boss battles? I hope you like boss battles. ‘Cause we gotta lotta boss battles.
XI. A capricious god, a dead boy, and a computer walk into space.
XII. Theodicy

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