Though we have virtually no details on Mario Kart Tour, news has begun trickling out.

According to Wall Street Journal‘s Takashi Mochizuki, the mobile Mario Kart Title will be free-to-start, similar to that of Super Mario Run.

DeNA CEO said “Mario Kart Tour,” a Nintendo-DeNA smartphone game planned for FY18, will be free-to-start.”

In Super Mario Run, players got a few levels for free, with the full game being $9.99. In terms of Mario Kart Tour, I can see the game allowing players a limited number of races with a select few characters, karts, and stages. This assumption is based on, of course, the idea that Mario Kart Tour is similar to all the other series installments, just on a mobile platform.

Are you looking forward to Mario Kart Tour? Comment below, let us know.

Aric Sweeny
Former Editor-in-Chief, now staff writer here at NE. I'm an English student in California. Let's talk Pokémon.


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