Anyone who listened to pop music (I wouldn’t really call it rap) in the early 2000s might recognize the name “Bow Wow.” The rapper had a number of hit songs, but none as famous as his debut track, “Bounce with Me.” These days, Bow Wow, like many other celebrities allowed to run their own Twitter pages, has come under fire for some choice words in a series of tweets. Some of the now deleted tweets expressed his desire to give away all his money and get a job at GameStop.

Down size my home. Sale [sic] everything. And go to work at gamestop.

The tweets came as a response to his frustration with bloggers tailing him while he was out a nightclub. The rapper also expressed in other deleted tweets that he was even willing to give away his money.

Im cash apping all my money away today. So if you want some free money yall can have it… lets see if you think money makes you happy

— Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018

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We can guess that we won’t be seeing Bow Wow slangin’ new and used titles in lieu of bars anytime soon. But, seriously, imagine if you bought a used copy of Nintendogs from him. How perfect would that be?

Greg Bargas
A console gamer gone rogue. Collector of retro games, pun and dad joke enthusiast. My spotify playlists are out of control. Rocket League anyone?


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