Dragon Quest XI is technically the first game to ever be confirmed for Nintendo Switch. Back in 2015, Dragon Quest X and XI were announced as in development for the then-named NX. Since then Dragon Quest X has been released, though Square Enix has been quiet regarding XI.

The Dragon Quest creator himself, Yuji Horii, recently provided an update on the title’s development. He also teased a potential announcement at TGS, or the Tokyo Game Show.

I can’t really talk about it much, but I can say that the Switch version is coming along nicely,” said Horii. “You know, there are a lot of possibilities at TGS for all kinds of announcements… Hmm, what else can I say,” he added.

Could there be a Dragon Quest announcement at the Tokyo Game Show? Do you still have interest in the title for Switch? Chime in down below, let us know your thoughts!


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