For years now, gamers everywhere have been clamoring for non-Japanese developed intellectual properties to be a part of the Super Smash Bros. series. Popular characters like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Banjo-Kazooie, Vault Boy, Rayman, and even Bethesda gems like the Skyrim protagonist and B.J. Blazkowicz are at the top of everyone’s lists. How likely is it to see these characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

I’m sure you have heard by now that the indie darling Shovel Knight is going to be an assist trophy in the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive. This is quite a big deal considering there have not been any American-developed characters featured in the Super Smash Bros. series thus far. Oddly enough, there hasn’t been any non-Japanese-developed characters in the franchise’s history. Including both playable characters and assist characters; so Shovel Knight’s inclusion in the game is a pretty big deal.

Technically, King K. Rool and Diddy Kong were created by a British studio, Rare — and Dark Samus by the American developer, Retro Studios. However, all of them are owned by Nintendo and have been under the wing of the Japanese publisher since conception.

One thing worth noting, Shovel Knight was published by Nintendo in Japan on Wii U and 3DS, which may be why the company felt compelled to feature him as an assist trophy in Ultimate. Even with that knowledge, it’s still a step in the right direction to getting American-made characters in Smash Bros.

The Future of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Could Shovel Knight joining the assist roster be a glimpse at what we’ll get in the future of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? I believe so. Nintendo is functioning as a totally different company now compared to just one console generation ago. Things we never thought possible have come to fruition. Nintendo has shown us that it’s now a company invested in giving all types of gamers what they want. Bringing Nintendo properties to Smartphones, allowing cross-play with Xbox and PC, and offering a seriously amazing catalog of first-party titles on Switch are just a handful of examples.

Not only that, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has done nothing but please fans the more we find out about the game. Giving us characters we have been begging for years like King K. Rool and Ridley, and bringing back fan-favorites like Snake. Not to mention the fact that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seems to be heavily leaning into the competitive scene with changes like dodge vulnerability and sped up gameplay.

I have a feeling Nintendo and Sakurai aren’t done with the big surprises when it comes to characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate., but only time will tell.

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A few months ago during E3 2018, Andrew and Brett shed their thoughts on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after spending around forty minutes hands-on with the party brawler. Also, my dream finally came true as Pichu has made his way back to the Smash Bros. roster. Unfortunately, not all seventy characters were available to play as in the E3 build for the brawler, but you can watch our initial reaction here.

All signs are pointing to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being the biggest and possibly most successful Super Smash Bros. title yet. The Nintendo Switch took the throne as the fastest selling gaming console of all-time, and a bunch of games are finding massive financial success on the platform. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will not only capture the hearts of longtime fans of the series, but it’ll likely find a brand new audience on Switch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to launch later this year on December 7th. Leading up to then Nintendo Enthusiast will be covering all the announcements and will surely be getting our hands on the title every chance we get. You can suspect that Smash Ultimate will be playable at our company’s upcoming event, EGLX in Toronto in October. However, no official announcement has been made yet.

Have you seen the latest Smash-focused Nintendo Direct? Are you excited about Simon Belmont of Castlevania joining the roster? What about King K. Rool of the Donkey Kong series? Be sure to leave all your thoughts in the comments section below, or join the discussion over on our Facebook page!

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