Owlboy creator teases Chrono Trigger fans with sequel we don’t deserve

    Owlboy creator teases Chrono Trigger fans with sequel we don't deserve

    Ever since its SNES release over 20 years ago, Chrono Trigger has been regarded as an all-time great game. Whether its the time-traveling exploration, satisfying double and triple techniques, memorable cast of characters, or inspiring soundtrack, there are many reasons to make that argument. It’s no surprise then that fans have been wanting a direct sequel that does the RPG classic justice.

    Fast forward to yesterday when Owlboy designer Simon S. Andersen treated us to the visual feast below.

    Heartbroken yet that this isn’t a real game? You’re certainly not alone. The trailer garnered a lot of attention from fans who showed their appreciation for Simon’s work. Comments touched on the gorgeous visual style, reworked music (done by Owlboy composer Jonathan Geer), and updated character designs. Seeing an older Lucca carry Robo around on her back alone raises so many questions!

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    The fact that Simon went with the title Chrono Break makes this fake trailer all the more painful. That was the name for a third entry in the franchise (after Chrono Cross) complete with a trademark.  Despite never officially being announced by Square Enix, developers for the game made mention of it, which sparked media and fan interest. It likely wouldn’t have looked like this, but at least we have a concept now to pore over.

    Owlboy creator teases Chrono Trigger fans with sequel we don't deserve

    I followed up with Simon Andersen on Twitter to ask him hypothetically if he would work on a Chrono Trigger sequel for real if approached by Square Enix. He responded saying, “It depends on the conditions, but like all my work, I’m open for dialogue. It would certainly be an interesting challenge.” Indeed it would! I guess for now we’ll cross our fingers and keep on radically dreaming.


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