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12 upcoming Nintendo Switch RPGs to keep on your radar


    Nintendo Switch RPGs are hitting digital shelves every week, but here are the twelve best upcoming Switch RPGs you might want to keep your eye on. Including role-playing games like Grandia HD and RPG Maker MV. As well as new RPGs like The Princess Guide and more. Prefer video? Be sure to check out Wood Hawker’s (BeatEmUps) video version below! Let’s jump in!

    The Princess Guide

    The Princess Guide tells the unique stories of four princess knights. In this JRPG you will make choices that affect how the story unfolds. During conversations and battles, you have the ability to “Praise” or “Scold” your princess. You will get different outcomes in all four campaigns based on how you treat the princesses. This feature ensures tons of replay value if you want to witness every possible ending of each campaign.

    Movement is in realtime as you issue orders to your princess, then you watch them battle with enemy armies on the battlefield. Each princess has a unique set of abilities to utilize during battles. The game’s art style is very cutesy with bubbly looking characters that are bursting with charm. It also features the original in-game Japanese voices with English text.

    You can “Praise” or “Scold” your princesses in quarter one of next year on Nintendo Switch.

    Release date: 3/15/2019

    Caligula Effect: Overdose

    Caligula Effect: Overdose is an enhanced port of the previously-exclusive PlayStation Vita game. It’s an Atlus-published JRPG that features a story led by Persona series veteran Tadashi Satomi — the writer of Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Caligula Effect: Overdose is about a group of students who are trying to escape from a virtual world called Mobius. The world is run by a virtual pop-star named Myoo, along with her group of evil music producers and an army of ‘Digiheads’. In other words, it’s a zany yet enthralling story you would expect from a Persona writer.

    Caligula Effect offers a turned-based battle system that is truly unique — where timing is literally everything. In these battles, you can see how your string of attacks will work out before you actually make them. You’ll need to strategically plan out your attacks with all four teammates. You can even string together different fighter’s attacks perfectly using a time slider to match them up, and that will result in critical hits.

    I’m excited to play Caligula Effect: Overdose when the game makes it to Nintendo Switch next year on February 15th.

    Release date: 2/15/2019

    RPG Maker MV

    It may not be Super Mario Maker but it’s the next best thing, RPG Maker MV is coming to Nintendo Switch. RPG Maker MV isn’t an actual role-playing game, instead, it’s a set of tools that let you create your very own RPG.  RPG Maker MV lets you create your own game without all the tedious and infuriating coding of traditional game development. With an insane amount of graphical assets, you can create a huge variety of games. From high fantasy adventures to modern high school dramas, “if you can dream it, you can make it”.  The game ever lets you choose from a large selection of Japanese and English voices. And you can choose text in a number of languages: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

    An incredible aspect of RPG Maker MV is you’re actually able to play games made by creators with a free Switch app called RPG Maker MV Player, even without owning the RPG Maker MV software. This is the future ya’ll, and we’re a part of it.

    Create your very own clown school dating simulator, or play hundreds of free games in RPG Maker MV for Nintendo Switch this March.

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    Release date: 3/1/2018

    Super Neptunia RPG

    “In a world where 2D games reign supreme, an organization called Bombyx Mori forces its citizens to churn out 2D games as offerings to their leader. Those who dare to use new technologies or whose games don’t meet their standards risk banishment to the soul-crushing Trial Grounds.”

    If that doesn’t intrigue you I don’t know what will. First off, Super Neptunia RPG features a beautiful 2D art style that pure eye-candy. I’m getting some serious Vanillaware vibes from the animation style, which is a fantastic thing. In this turn-based RPG, you explore gorgeously painted, interactive dungeons. The game is heavily inspired by classic turn-based JRPGs and is even self-aware of that — with gaming culture jokes aplenty.

    During gameplay, your party’s attack style changes based on the battle leader. You can switch between leaders in and out of battle. There are also elemental attacks to take advantage of during fights. Swapping leaders and utilizing these elemental attacks is the crux of the gameplay in Super Neptunia RPG, and I’m excited to try it out for myself.

    Unfortunately, there is currently no set release date for Super Neptunia RPG.

    Release date: N/A

    Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World

    The Atelier series celebrates its 20th anniversary on Nintendo Switch. While we here in the states have gotten a handful of the latest releases in this franchise, it actually has a long history of Japan-only releases. There have been over sixty games in this popular series, but Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World is the first Atelier game on Switch. This new game in the series puts focus on a new town-building mechanic.

    Ateliers of the New World is a love letter to previous games in the series bringing back fan-favorite characters from the Salburg, Arland, Dusk, and Mysterious trilogies. While all the previous games in the series featured traditional turn-based combat, Ateliers of the New World seems to be putting more emphasis on running your town and building various landscapes. So I’m not yet sure if there are any RPG elements implemented. We are bound to find out more about the game in the coming months.

    Release date: N/A

    Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

    Relive fantastic memories or experience this gem for the first time. Celebrate the tenth anniversary of Tales of Vesperia with the definitive version of this fan-favorite JRPG. This updated version of Tales of Vesperia features enhanced high-definition graphics, new music tracks, mini-games, bosses, and even unreleased costume DLC. You’re also getting content that was originally exclusive to Xbox 360 last gen in the Nintendo Switch version.

    Between its robust real-time combat system, gorgeous cel-shaded graphics that aged splendidly, and the compelling story, Tales of Vesperia is almost certainly worth jumping back into with this definitive version. If you have never played this game, then there is no better time than now to hop in on the Switch.

    Relive fantastic memories or experience this great role-playing game for the first time this Winter on Nintendo Switch.

    Release: “This Winter”

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