Crystal Chronicles

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “When it rains it pours”? Well, that certainly rings true today as Switch owners have waited for a Final Fantasy announcement for over a year — and now have two in the space of a week. The first title in the Crystal Chronicles sub-series is coming to the system as Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, set for 2019 release. This is following the news that Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD is coming to Switch imminently.

The action role-playing CC originally released in 2003 exclusively for the GameCube. This was one of the few games to fully integrate the use of the link cable, with multiplayer being a key focus of the game, utilizing up to 4 Game Boy Advances. The success of this original game spawned other games spanning different genres on Nintendo systems such as the Wii and DS.

However, this remaster marks the first time a Crystal Chronicles game will release on a non-Nintendo system, as it will also appear on PlayStation 4.

This news comes shortly before the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Crystal Chronicles Remastered was featured in our predictions and hopes for the expo, which you can check out here. Will you be picking up Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition? What else would you like to see announced once TGS hits? Tell us down in the comment section below.


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