Starlink: Battle for Atlas poster included as pre-order exclusive for Nintendo UK customers


    Nintendo is giving its customers an exclusive poster when they pre-order Starlink: Battle for Atlas. However, the only way to receive one is by pre-ordering through Nintendo’s UK store. This morning Nintendo UK tweeted out an image of the poster.

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas involves players physically creating their own unique ship, and choosing one of a variety of pilots including Fox McCloud from Star Fox. As we reported during E3 and as the tweet above shows, Fox’s Arwing is in the game as well; both are Nintendo Switch exclusives. After choosing a pilot and crafting a ship, players will then travel to various planets within the Atlas Star System. While traveling, space battles will occur and your actions along with your choices crafts how the adventure turns out.

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    Ubisoft Toronto is developing the game which will be released on Oct. 16. If you were to craft any type of ship from nerd and geek culture, which one would you choose? Comment below!



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