Glitches have been a part of gaming history since its inception. Though they can sometimes be dangerous, glitches are usually fun affairs where gamers mess with a game’s code or rules in order to do something developers never intended them to do. Breath of the Wild has had its fair share of bugs exploited already, and a new one has been discovered to the delight/dismay of professional speedrunners the world over.

Boot to the head

BotW has a reputation for having some questionable physics, seeing as how players can theoretically launch themselves straight into Ganon’s Castle at the very beginning of the game, albeit in a very convoluted fashion. Back in August, a group of Chinese players messing around in the title found another way to defy gravity: head stomping while riding shields.  This little cheat allows Link to bounce off an enemy’s head at super speed. You can see the trick in action at the start of the compilation video below:

This glitch was rediscovered recently by someone named LegendofLinkk and is now known as the bullet time bounce. It’s fairly tricky to pull off: gamers need to jump, turn 180 degrees until their back is facing the enemy, and hit them while riding their shield. There’s a catch, though: the enemy MUST ragdoll when you hit them. That leaves weak enemies, frozen foes,  or ragdolled-due-to-head-trauma monsters as the only viable options for the glitch to occur. Incredibly, this causes the game to fritz out and launch Link at superhuman speeds across the entire map of Hyrule.

It’s amazing that Breath of the Wild players are still finding ways to exploit and speedrun the game over a year after its launch. These glitches help give the popular title an infinite amount of replayability. If Nintendo really wanted to capitalize on this craze, they’d release new DLC titled Trials of Bullet Time Bounce/Flying Trees.

What do you all think of this new glitch? Do you see yourself returning to BotW and trying it out in the near future? Let us know your thoughts under these very words!

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