Let’s get tangible: Travis Strikes Again physical edition listed with Season Pass thrown in

    Season Pass

    As we wait with feverous anticipation for No More Heroes 3, Suda51’s other franchise spin-off title is inching closer to release. Today, a listing on Amazon popped up for the Switch’s Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Furthermore, the description came with some wonderful news. Good news that involved a Season Pass, of all things.

    Give me that all-inclusive package

    Originally thought to be an eShop digital-only game, Travis Strikes Again looks like it will be receiving a physical edition, as well. On Amazon’s page for the title, there is talk of a Season Pass included that grants access to all the game’s future DLC.

    That’s not the end of the interesting tidbits. The listing also mentions local co-op with a buddy where you can utilize powerful team-up attacks. Also, other famous indie titles will be in Travis Strikes Again via in-game swag. Hopefully, stuff like shirts and jackets with special guest characters adorning them won’t have to be paid for with cold hard cash.

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    Going by the website, it seems like Travis Strikes Again physical will release January 18, 2019, for $39.99. Not too shabby. Maybe the game will have a good length to offset some of the cost.

    Are you readers happy to get a tiny cartridge version of Travis’ next adventure? Glad the Season Pass will be part of the package? Let us know in the vast comment field below!

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