Fangamer unleashes new Katamari Damacy collection

    Fangamer Katamari Damacy collection

    Popular gaming merchandiser Fangamer is rolling through with a big old ball of Katamari Damacy goods. If you’ve never heard of Fangamer, they’re the ones who ran the wildly successful Undertale collection. So you should check them out.

    Personally, they’re one of my favorite games and pop culture retailers. They always have a wide variety of products as opposed to just “black T-shirt with the game logo,” and they hire some really talented artists.

    A look at the collection

    Katamari Damacy Fangamer Collection Merchandise

    This time around, Katamari Damacy is getting the royal treatment. They’ve got the following:

    • Duffel bags of the Prince’s noggin [Pre-Order]
    • Poof ball beanies
    • Two beautifully drawn T-shirts [Pre-Order]
    • A pixel art poster
    • A vinyl soundtrack of the Damacy game (and for fans of the Katamari franchise, you know the soundtracks are always A+)

    Now, a lot of gaming paraphernalia out there you have to be cautious of. Companies try to mark up the merchandise because they know that people of the, well, dorkier persuasion are willing to pay. But the prices for this collection never go over $35! Completely affordable for just about anyone.

    So check out the collection, and let us know which one catches your eye!



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