Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to launch in mere DAYS. There are over 70 characters to unlock in the game, but Nintendo announced that five more will arrive in the form of DLC. Furthermore, in a recent interview with Game Informer, the company let slip that the future combatants will be a “must-have.”

What a tease!

Nintendo Treehouse’s JC Rodrigo was quite secretive about Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s DLC plans, stating:

Mr. Sakurai and his team and everyone that works on the game – we love surprises. Just like Piranha Plant, we believe the DLC is going to be a must-have. For me, as a fan… oh man, I would not miss these for the world.

Thanks for not clarifying, Rodrigo. Your job is secure!

Color me intrigued. When Piranha Plant was unveiled as Ultimate‘s first DLC fighter, I laughed and thought it was awesome. If the other characters are as unexpected and fun as a potted plant with teeth, I think Ultimate will cement itself as the best Smash game in the series’ history.

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However, Rodrigo’s statement has given me pause regarding my own DLC predictions. His “as a fan” comment confounds me. Does he mean “as a fan” of Nintendo or “as a fan” of Smash? If the former, that throws out my Travis Touchdown and Goku hopes. Regardless, I won’t despair. It’s better to believe until denied all hope during a Nintendo Direct, after all.

What do you lot think of Rodrigo’s tease? Are you itching to know more? Let us know in the comment field below!

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