V-Rally 4 on Nintendo Switch actually looks really decent


    Earlier this year, V-Rally 4 was revealed to be coming to all platforms, including the Switch. The other consoles (and PC) got the game a few months ago, leaving the Switch version the odd one out. The developers over at Kylotonn needed some extra time to get it ready on the hybrid system, and it looks like the extra time in the garage has paid off. The first official gameplay of V-Rally 4 on Switch has finally been released, and it looks pretty decent:

    Having already played the game for several hours on PC, I can immediately pick out many differences. Draw distance for shadows and objects has been parred back extensively, and there isn’t a lot of complex lighting and shading. Resolution is unclear, though the video is capped to 720p (this could be indicative of what the game runs at, though we’ll have to wait for the devs to confirm).

    Of course, these visual sacrifices are to be expected. We’ve seen it time and again with the vast majority of multi-platform games. What’s important is that the framerate appears to be a locked 30FPS, which is good enough. It’s still awesome that the devs even bothered trying to get the game running on Switch at all, so I’m just happy to have it.

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    V-Rally 4 hits Switch first on December 13 around the world (minus the US). The American release comes next year, February 5th, 2019 (though you can still play it by either importing a copy or downloading it from another eShop like the EU storefront).


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