Celeste gets new, difficult “Variants” mode on PC, will appear on Switch in the future


    Indie darling Celeste is a brutal, wonderful game, especially on Nintendo Switch. Just today, the PC version of the game received a new mode titled “Variants” through Steam and Itch. The mode makes the title “harder or weirder,” according to developer Matt Thorson on Twitter. This update is expected to hit other consoles, including Switch, in the future.

    What is Variants?

    The new mode that just hit Celeste is part of the v1.2.5.0 update. This latest version of the game fixes some bugs and updates Madeline’s grab mechanic. It also adds Variants, which alters the rules of the title and appears on the File Select screen. Players can access the mode only after completing Celeste‘s C-Sides. This is news to me because I did not know C-Sides existed. It’s also quite possible that they are more difficult than Celeste‘s B-Sides. Dear lord.

    Variants is also being described as an “anti-Assist Mode” by Mr. Thorson. Since assisting someone usually involves making things easier for them, I have little faith that Variants is anything but C-Sides plus impossible difficulty. Matt also mentions the new mode is in Beta for now. Expect some hiccups here and there if you try Variants out.

    Hopefully, these bug fixes and extra mode make their way to Switch sooner than we think. In the meantime, I am going to see if these C-Sides can be completed by human beings that are not secretly robots underneath.

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    Readers, what are your thoughts on Celeste and its updates? Hankering for them to hit the Switch? Did you know about the C-Sides? Let us know down below!

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