Nintendo is riding high on Switch love. According to their PR, the Big N’s latest console is the fastest-selling system of the current generation in the US. This is probably lent credence by another tidbit in Nintendo’s press release: Smash Bros. Ultimate has sold three million copies. It…has not even been out for two weeks.

A sales monster

Since the Switch launched in March 2017, it has sold more than 8.7 million units. This means the hybrid console has outpaced the PS4 and Xbox One during the same lifecycle (roughly 21 months). Do gamers like a system they can play at home and then take with them to work/school? The answer is, “Obviously, you clueless cretin.”

Nintendo is also the best software publisher of 2018, according to the NPD. Certainly, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s release helped somewhat. The fighting game is not only the fastest-selling Switch game EVER but also the quickest-selling Smash game in the series’ history. These numbers are mind-boggling.

Here are some other interesting facts highlighted in Nintendo’s press release:

  • eShop sales have increased 105 percent over 2017. Gamers love to stay at home and shop!
  • Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have each sold over four million copies. Who knew critically acclaimed titles did so well in sales?!

I can’t say I’m dumbfounded by this sales news. The Switch has been an absolute powerhouse since launch. I am very impressed at how fast the little machine is hitting these milestones, however. 2019 is probably going to see the Switch catch up to the PS4 in total sales. It might even OUTSELL Sony’s console. Insanity!

How do you lot feel about the Switch’s continued success? Are you happy about Nintendo’s complete 180 after the Wii U’s missteps? Let us know down below.


Arthur Damian
Arthur Damian is a writer, editor, educator, and lover of video games. Based and living in Brooklyn, NY, he has been gaming since the age of five, from the NES to the Nintendo Switch. His favorite system is the SNES, his favorite game is Chrono Trigger, and you cannot convince him otherwise. He loves dogs, rainbow cookies, Spider-Man, and songs with intricate drum patterns. Arthur is also the Editor-in-Chief at That VideoGame Blog.


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