Jotun devs: eShop profitability no longer a given


    In a recent interview, Jotun developer Thunder Lotus said the eShop is getting more crowded and competitive. As a result, the studio said that “release profitability” cannot be “taken for granted” anymore.  Since Jotun’s release, Thunder Lotus also launched Sundered on Switch. The game’s updated version, Sundered: Eldritch Edition, is launching tomorrow.

    When asked whether the eShop is getting crowded, here is what the studio had to say:

    “It certainly has been in our experience, but the market is evolving rapidly. We don’t believe any system or eShop can be taken for granted anymore, as far as release profitability is concerned. There’s no shortage of great games in general – and great indie games in particular – on any storefront at this point. So if a dev or publisher’s marketing plan is one point: “Release on Nintendo eShop, stat.”, that’s risky, to say the least.”

    It seems that for every success story we see on the eShop, there are also developers struggling for great success. What do you think Nintendo could do to improve its digital shop? Let us know in the comments below!


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