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Damon Baker, Head of Nintendo Third-Party Relations, departs company

    Damon Baker Head of Nintendo Third-Party Relations Xbox Head of Portfolio

    If you’ve been keeping up with the Nintendo Direct-like Nindie Showcases, then you will definitely be familiar with Mr. Damon Baker, a.k.a: the ‘Nindie Guy’. Not only has he been a strong advocate for getting indie developers onto Nintendo platforms, but he’s also been responsible for establishing relationships with large, AAA third-party companies too. Unfortunately, he’s now leaving Nintendo after being with the company for over a decade. He announced his departure on Twitter:


    As we’ve seen, third-party support for Switch has been surprisingly strong compared to past Nintendo home consoles. So many companies that have previously either ignored Nintendo entirely or haven’t really done anything on its platforms in several years are now all of a sudden big fans of the Switch. You can thank Mr. Baker for playing a part in getting all that to happen.

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    While Mr. Baker didn’t specify exactly what his future plans are, it will surely be interesting to see what he has in store. Hopefully it will be something that continues to relate to video games.



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