Dragon Quest XI S gets new trailer, big surprise coming

    Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch trailer surprise

    Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S, or just Dragon Quest XI S, is heading to Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2019. This event has been commemorated with a new trailer, which may be viewed below. Japanese audiences will be privy to full Japanese voice acting in the game for the first time. (It originally released with no voice acting.) This is unlike in North America, where the PlayStation 4 release included full English voice acting. Furthermore, Square Enix is promising a surprise about the game to be revealed on Jan. 1, and a live stream about Dragon Quest XI S will occur some time in that month as well.

    There is one more intriguing nugget of information about Dragon Quest XI S, but it falls into mild spoiler territory, so read the following paragraph at your own risk:

    In the Switch version of the game, you will be able to choose whom you want the main character to marry among a range of options. Or alternatively, you will be able to select a male character to live with (but not marry). I think it’s a cool little extra, and I’ll leave it to others to discuss the social implications of this addition to the game.

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    No more spoilers from here!

    Personally, I’m super hyped for the Switch release of this title. I refrained from buying the PlayStation 4 version because I’m hoping against all hope that Dragon Quest XI S includes the Japanese 3DS version’s option to play the game in 2D. I’ll likely choose to play the game in 3D anyway, but dang, it really stings that we never received a North American release of the 3DS version!



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