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Super Smash Bros Ultimate glitch: instakill Sonic with Ridley

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    A newly discovered glitch in Super Smash Bros Ultimate enables Ridley to instakill Sonic. So, if you’ve been holding any grudges against Sonic the Hedgehog–whether you’re angry about that abysmal movie poster, distraught over all of his 3D games sucking, or he just irks you–your time is now.  Twitter user @bauto_DZ unearthed the glitch, showing it off in the tweet below.

    The video in the linked tweet shows that Ridley can cause Sonic to outright vanish by dodging a leftward homing attack from the Blue Blur and then countering with a perfectly-timed side special. When carried out correctly, Sonic will poof into thin air, not unlike the disappearing act in the original World of Light reveal Trailer.

    GameXplain picked up on the glitch and carried out some more in-depth analysis, showing where and how this glitch can be replicated.

    They also discovered some unusual discrepancies alongside an already-perplexing glitch. While the Omega version of Dreamland GB is used in @bauto_DZ’s original video, the glitch will not work on some other Omega stages. Further complicating the matter is that it will work on some regular stages, like Duck Hunt.

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    If you want to try this for yourself, hurry and fire up Super Smash Bros Ultimate before this glitch is stamped out of existence. Let us know how it goes–bonus points if you pull it off against an unsuspecting Sonic main. In the meantime, keep checking Nintendo Enthusiast for all of your Super Smash Bros Ultimate needs. We’ve got news, in-depth character breakdowns, and more.

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