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The World Video Game Hall of Fame was established in 2015 at The Strong museum in Rochester, New York. Each year, it inducts a few more mega classics like Super Mario Bros. and Final Fantasy VII, and the inductees for this year have been announced. They are Colossal Cave Adventure, Microsoft Windows Solitaire, Mortal Kombat, and Super Mario Kart. A double dose of MK, m’kay?

Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat are more than okay

First off, before we even get to the Nintendo-centric entries — lemme just say the inclusion of Solitaire is both hilarious and extremely deserved. That has to be one of the most played games of the last 30 years, especially among office workers, and the World Video Game Hall of Fame says, “Microsoft Solitaire has been distributed on over a billion computers and is now played 35 billion games per year in over 200 markets around the world and is localized into 65 languages.”

Meanwhile, I don’t have any specific feelings about Colossal Cave Adventure, as I’d honestly never heard of it before. I’m an ’89er, and this text-based game is from 1976. But if you had a rocking good time with this one, please tell me about it!

Super Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat, by comparison, have established pedigrees that are recognizable even to non-gamers. The Mario Kart franchise is one of Nintendo’s most lucrative, and the first entry on SNES set down a bunch of the rules that the franchise still follows today. And the first Mortal Kombat, with its “realistic” violence (hahahahaha), was so impactful that it led to court hearings and the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) to help parents monitor what kids played.

But on top of that, both of these MK games were just solid and entertaining experiences. Do they deserve to be in the World Video Game Hall of Fame ahead of some other games, like Chrono Trigger? I’m not sure.

However, you can check out a list of all the games inducted until now, so please tell us what they’re missing down below!


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