Panty Party might be one of the oddest upcoming Nintendo Switch games

    Panty Party might be one of the oddest upcoming Nintendo Switch games

    If you ever stopped to ask why there isn’t enough women’s underwear in video games, first off, I don’t know you. Second, your prayers have apparently been answered. Panty Party is coming to Nintendo Switch. And as odd as that sounds, it’s not nearly as perverse as you might think.

    In Panty Party, you play as sentient women’s unmentionables shooting at other underwear. It’s essentially a third-person multiplayer shooter but with a seemingly ecchi twist. However, the studio Cosen has made it clear in their trailer that this is a more wholesome panty raid. They state the following: “Warning! NO HENTAI contents in this game! All you get is funny and stupid panties!”

    There all sorts of different panties to choose from including schoolgirl bottoms, bikini bottoms, and bottoms with a bear on it. Essentially the story is about humans being turned into underwear by an evil force and they must fight back to regain their humanity. There are cute anime girls as expected in a game like this, but none of them appear in any sort of lewd fashion. In fact, the focus seems to purely be on the gameplay with shooting, slashing, and maneuvering mechanics. That’s quite surprising, and honestly, a breath of fresh air as well.

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    The Nintendo Switch title boasts four-player action. And priced at $14.99, Panty Party seems primed to be a breakout party hit… albeit of the panty variety. It’s scheduled for release sometime in the spring this year.

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