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Terrifyingly real: God of War artist adds two more Smash characters to his “Remastered” series


    Sony Santa Monica’s God of War Art Director is at it again. The artist, Rafael Grassetti, previously had shown off his skills by creating “Remastered” realistic profiles of Smash Bros. Ultimate characters. While we were all enamored with his portrayals of Link and Samus, we wanted more. Rafael has now delivered with a look at his interpretations of Mewtwo and Mega Man.

    Pretty but dangerous

    Here is Rafael’s take on Mega Man:

    I dig it. It’s not too much of a stretch to picture this guy running around God of War‘s environments hunting Kratos and Atreus, right? Hopefully the power of the gods will prevent them from being hurt by advanced weaponry from the future.

    Fuzzy but powerful

    Not content with just the Blue Bomber, Rafael also shared his vision of Mewtwo:

    I want to scratch his head but I have terrible cat allergies. Also, Mewtwo isn’t a cat. In addition, that purple ball of psychic energy will turn me to stone. We all remember what happened to Ash.

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    Rafael has some serious skills. Honestly, I knew that already because God of War is a gorgeous game, but these fresh takes on Smash combatants reinforce my opinion. I sincerely hope he gets a chance to do all 70+ fighters from Ultimate. Without getting distracted from working on God of War‘s sequel, of course.

    Are you gentle readers impressed with Rafael’s art? Hungry for more? Let us know your sincere thoughts in the comment field below.

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