AGDQ 2019 raises $2.39 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation

    Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 AGDQ 2019 Prevent Cancer Foundation

    We reported last week on the start of Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, and boy, that week sure went fast, huh? Now that all is said and done, AGDQ 2019 has raised $2,394,668 (and maybe a bit more) for Prevent Cancer Foundation. This triumphs over the $2.16 million raised at Summer Games Done Quick 2018 and the $2.29 million raised at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018. Everybody who contributed to this deserves a massive pat on the back.

    I only got to catch a small fraction of the action myself, but I was lucky enough to see the Awful Block (including a really funny run of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York), the last few hours of Final Fantasy IX, half of Super Mario Odyssey, and a really amazing reverse-boss-order run of Super Metroid. (I had no idea it was possible to fight the bosses in opposite order!) I’m really looking forward to seeing everything I missed over the next few weeks in YouTube reruns.

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    What about you? What were your highlights of the week? Let me know so that I can add them to my watch list!


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