Nintendo brand falls behind Playstation and Xbox on TV


    The holiday season is one of the most important times of the year for gaming giants. A disproportionately large number of sales come during the three-month period from October to December. Although the Nintendo brand was the third most-seen gaming industry brand during the 2018 holiday season, the company still came behind its closest competitors: Sony and Microsoft. The PS4 saw the highest TV advertising viewership of any gaming brand, while the Xbox One took second place.

    Overall, Nintendo spent $10.5 million for 18 commercials that were shown over 4,700 times on TV. According to VentureBeat, this expenditure resulted in nearly 610 million impressions. Nintendo spent more than $2 million alone on its premier Super Smash Bros. Ultimate commercial, titled “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: One More Try.”

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    Nintendo’s marketing focused on marketing to teenagers and young adults. The top three networks for Nintendo’s ads were MTV, Teen Nick, and Adult Swim.

    We will keep you updated as new information is released regarding Nintendo’s holiday sales numbers and the Nintendo brand overall.

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