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Any fans of Sonic the Hedgehog out there? Do you feel nostalgia for the original game’s very first world? Did you ever ponder what those luscious trees and greenery smelled like? The SEGA Shop is here for your…unique needs. The website just posted a page through which one can order an official Sonic candle holder with one scented candle. The candle apparently has the aroma of Green Hill Zone.

Does not sound like a pleasant mix of odors

If you cannot even fathom what this product is, designer Numskull dropped a video on YouTube trying to explain its existence:

Big props to whoever decided to use Green Hill Zone’s original music and transport me back to the 90’s.

After viewing this clip, I have more of an idea of what the candle entails. You have one candle holder that houses an item box from the original Genesis game. This box is four-sided depending on which power-up you want prominently displayed (anything other than the invincibility sparkles is incorrect). However, I am still at a loss as to what this candle smells like. Green Hill Zone can be a combination of many things: forests, explosions, rusted metal, burned rubber, feet, etc. I don’t want my house having a scent anything like that unholy amalgamation.

If you’re intrigued by the Sonic candle, you can order it here. It’s exclusive to the UK, though, and limited edition. Oh well, us Westerners still have that wonderful film to look forward to.

Thoughts on the Blue Blur scented candle? Let us know your feelings with a comment below.

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