Memes are very prevalent things in our society today. One of the most popular ones I personally never get tired of seeing online is Surprised Pikachu. One Reddit user, however, has taken the meme out of the interwebs and into real life. This particular woman decided to surprise her boyfriend with a cake version of Pikachu’s mouth agape.

The pinnacle of human achievement

Take a gander at user u/GeekyKirby‘s incredible dessert and bag for her partner:

I made my boyfriend a cake for his birthday from pics

GeekyKirby, you win the “Best Girlfriend for Life” award.

Reddit users were quick to ask GeekyKirby what was in the bag above Surprised Pikachu. In addition to the cake, the boyfriend obtained balloons, a shirt, and a pre-order for the eagerly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. Above all, the boyfriend of GeekyKirby: You have yourself a soulmate.

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In conclusion, thoughtful gifts like this make me believe in love. For instance, my own partner made me a pair of Adventure Time Chucks from scratch. This was an anniversary present. Therefore, I’m a sucker for geek affection.

Any thoughts on the Surprised Pikachu cake? Have you ever gone out of your way to make your significant other something special for their birthday? Let us know your stories down below.

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