We correctly predicted (and it really wasn’t very difficult) that Jiren is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ, but the real surprise is that Videl is coming with him! Jiren and Videl will release on Jan. 31 as part of the FighterZ Pass 2, aka the season 2 DLC for the game. Furthermore, Broly (in his Dragon Ball Super incarnation) and SSGSS Gogeta (aka Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta) will be coming at a future date! Each character in FighterZ Pass 2 can be purchased individually for $4.99, or all six characters can be bought together for $24.99. You can check out the reveal trailer below.

I think Hit is the best and most interesting new nemesis of Goku to appear in Super so far, but there’s no denying that Jiren is one of the most preposterously strong characters to ever appear in the series. So his presence in Dragon Ball FighterZ is welcomed. Videl is bound to be a crowd pleaser too, and the use of Great Saiyaman in her attacks makes for a unique wrinkle in her play style.

Who are you hyped for more, Jiren or Videl? Or are you most hyped for Legendary Super Saiyan Broly or Blue Gogeta? Let us know! Personally, I’m most excited for canon Gogeta.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass 2 DLC Jiren Videl


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