It’s time for one of my favorite activities: rumormongering! As we move into the new year, gamers love to speculate about what video games are on the horizon. Recently, Nintendo added fuel to the contemplation fire with some quotes. Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki reported the Big N has unannounced Switch games releasing in the near future.

Gossip away!

Here is what Mochizuki has to say regarding the news, by way of translation:

Nintendo said it is preparing at least one unannounced title for Switch in FY19 (April onward) that “fans would be delighted to know.” What would that be? Reply your thoughts, please!

Not a lot to go on, but the “delighted to know” part opens up some possibilities. Perhaps the Metroid Prime Trilogy? It makes perfect sense, seeing as how Metroid Prime 4 is delayed. Players will be quite happy to have a trio of quality titles to experience while waiting for Samus’ next adventure. Conversely, it might be the mystery PlatinumGames’ title. My Devil May Cry/Bayonetta Platinum/Capcom dream collaboration can very well be real!

In addition, Mochizuki also outlines another quote from Nintendo mentioning another title: “One that is a nice fit to the online program.” This game has to be something that will be a popular multiplayer experience. Maybe Blizzard made some headway developing Overwatch for Switch? The Switch already has Fortnite, so another big get like Overwatch will cement the system as the one console to rule them all.

Gentle readers, what do you think these video games can possibly be? April isn’t too far away, so you have plenty of time to make wild guesses!

Speaking of gossip, check out our own 2019 Switch game predictions below!

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Arthur Damian
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